77 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 17.2.2016

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We visited  a printing plant in Cancela.

GM was founded in 1979. In the old days, when printing was done with much more laborious methods, it used to employ up to 65 persons. Nowadays, and with the island still in the grips of the Crisis, the company employs 15 staff. Some of them are with the company since more that 35 years, and salaries, Social Security and taxes are paid in time. The staff seems happy.

For pre-production, GM uses Apple computers. The designers receive the documents from the clients in digital format and after control and correction, prepare aluminium plates with several pages on one plate for the printing presses within two hours.

The printing plates are made of aluminium, the layout is fixed on it by laser; most of the printing machines (black & white , 2 colors, 4 colors) are made in Germany, and therefore may be old but still work well 🙂

Printing is followed by page assembly, cutting and if needed, by folding, the machines they use are very versatile. The amount of waste paper is enormous, it is collected  and sent to the mainland for recycling.

The company needs to invest a lot to keep up with the rapid development in the industry; on the other hand, they lost a lot of clients due to the crisis. The cost of paper and ink is high as well.

The company works in 8 hour shifts and could easily tripe their output with 2 more shifts, as in the old days.

Our discussion afterwards (not in the Café by the roundabout , closed 😦 but in a Pub in Canico:

We spoke about the search for the perfect product for Madeira.

Our banana is 70% “Cavendish” and will be hit hard once we get the bug here that demolishes the Cavendish plants in Latin America.

D. would promote  special wheat – for export as well as for E’s bread – and said that Madeira problem with the terrace plantation could be eased with the use of an open “Funicular” or “cliff railway” ( see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Funicular ). a railway with open cars (there is also one in Lisbon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ascensor_da_Gl%C3%B3ria ). With such a machine, the access to old terraces and the transport of the harvest might be greatly improved.

D.& P. have 15 terraces on their land below their “platform” with the main house; this might be a perfect example of a property where to use such a railway.

E. knows of a place which employs such a Funicular, we’ll see if we can visit the place on the weekend.


76 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 22.1.2016

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We met in the Station in the Lunch room, and started off with a bread tasting. Ca. brought some very good ginger cookies, made by himself!  What a Surgeon’s hands can do…

Z.,  represented her parents, so U and E gave a brief introduction of our work and goals.

We are trying to develop ideas for new business on the island, such as medicinal herbs. We also visit places of interest; such as the Sugar Cane factory in Ribeiro Seco/Funchal, the Meia Serra waste processing plant and the firefighters in Funchal.

One of the issues facing us now if that, if we have good ideas, they cannot come to fruition if we cannot find the person/s best suited to pick them up and turn them into reality. We also want to have more exposure of our work to the public.

E and Uhad a meeting with the managing Director of JM (former Jornal da Madeira) and presented our idea of a communication channel from the population (and from us) to the Government by way of short ads with ideas (not complaints!).

He didn’t pick this up but instead wants us to publish our ideas every two weeks in a column (he said, with 3000 words, it’s more likely that he meant  3000 characters).


U. would like to wait until the newspaper is sold – which according to E’s info, should be soon. D.is also of the opinion that it is better to go in with the New instead of going out with the Old (in this case, the management).

In another project with the JM, D. and U. are working with them to develop a once-per-week English page ( A3 folded once =4 pages)  as an add-in and a stand-alone, to reach the foreign Residents and Tourists. Advertising should be able to support the cost. This would fill the gap left by the demise of The Brit a few years ago. In this paper, we could also place our ideas  and have (anonymous) food critics’ reports.

The ferry to the mainland:

We also talked about the subsidy game going on for the Ferry which is still not visible anywhere. Subsidies are killing entrepreneurial efforts. E.said that the group of interested shipping companies is now ganging up to pressure the Government for higher subsidies. The Sousa group which seems to hold an amazing number of essential enterprises on both islands, is probably going to come out on the top again.

The Ferry to Porto Santo:

E.said that there should be a continuation of territorial continuity; this is not a problem in the Canary islands. Ferry traffic there is voluminous and never interrupted.

Public transport is (like water) a public service and should not be in the hands of private enterprises. (Ca. mentioned that for example, telephone connection is not a public service per se.) The ferry to Porto Santo should have a contract which stipulates that it must run 52 weeks of the year. If the transport company is not willing to provide the service around the year, then it should lose the license.

Every discussion leads to the problem of corruption, part of the human nature. Added to this is the fact that the Portuguese, especially the Madeirans, do not have a fighting spirit.

Such corruption can be fought with transparency, another issue for publication in a newspaper. The Diario publishes a list of public contracts every month, with the top ten contractors and amounts. Old Contracts as the one for the Porto Santo Ferry should also be published; in the case of Sousa, his holdings should be made public as well. U. said that if such information is not allowed to be forgotten, by persistently repeating it, it will finally sink in, and  people will react at some point. The question is how far the future owners of JM will be willing to go to publish information which is uncomfortable to the Have’s on the island.

We also spoke briefly about E’s project. He will make an experiment and dry his product(for preservation and export) to see how it comes out. It may, however, turn out to be too hard.

D.said that E.should grow his grains exclusively on the island. These grains are kept in seed preservation chambers, but why not use them now and keep them unaltered?

Z introduced us to the concept of the Hash House Harriers, a movement which organizes running events to support charities, with chapters all over the world.  This is also an expat movement as the organizer used to come from the British Army. Have a look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hash_House_Harriers

Our next meeting will be in mid-February

75 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 19.11.2015

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We visited the ECM – Empresa de Cerveja da Madeira and found it to be very interesting. It was especially interesting for R. who used to work in a beverage company once and E., as he also works with germination for his bread.

Ana Carina from Marketing showed us around. We saw the beer brewing tanks and filters and the bottling machinery (as there was not bottling going on, we left the place with our ears intact).

The Company has around 200 staff now (it had up to 400 once); the number varies a lot according to seasonal demand.

ECM also produces Brisa Maracuja, for “export” to the mainland and soon, to two other countries in Europe.  Not a bad feat for a company situated on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

They have their own ETAR station on the ground, to assure that the water and spring water is controlled and clean enough for the beverages. ECM was the first beer brewing company in Portugal to receive ISO certification.

Brisa Maracuja: we have by far not enough fruit on the island to supply the quantities needs for the beverage, the juice is being brought in as concentrate from Ecuador. The same goes for the  Cevada; the hop (Lúpulo) is being bought from Germany.

ECM also sells Pepsi and 7Up on the island (they stopped the contract with Coca-Cola and Sprite – the war between two giants, all over the world) in licensing.

ECM is owned 100% by Pestana now.

U.will send an email to Carina to ask

  • what is the payment time for the suppliers?
  • how are the bottles being cleaned, with sound, light or chemicals?

Our suggestions:

  • the company should be aiming to be auto-sufficient in energy.
  • the company could produce water chestnut-based beer with the chestnuts from Curral das Freiras, this would be truly unique and could be high priced.

We shall have no meeting in December, instead, we’ll see which date would be best for a Christmas Dinner


72 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 18.8.2015

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U. reported that the Madeira Consorcio actually has a true fan from France. He is following our Blog since some time, and asked for a meeting when he comes over after August 28, to discuss some projects he has in mind. U. will meet with him; depending on the meeting time, we can see who else can participate.

U. mentioned an article (SPIEGEL; not available in English) that Social Media are taking over state functions: in a small city in Spain, citizens can tweet pothole photos and info about broken street lights to the City Hall, who fix it the problem and tweet proof of the repair within 24 hours. This way, Social Media systems create a parallel state.

D. told us about another parallel state which worked very well: the Canadian province of Quebec had a Theocracy for hundreds of years, where the Church provided all social services, and Sunday church service attendance was at 90% – it was important to see and be seen.. After the province became part of the rest of Canada, the number dropped to 20%.

Another result of the proliferation of Smartphone services will be that UBER and other services will send driverless cars on the roads, and citizens will stop buying cars, as they can easily have a car at hand within a short time, without the cost of acquisition, taxes and insurance. An upside of this is that roads will be uncongested and parking will cease to be a problem. The downside is that taxi drivers and similar profession will be out of work.


Last time, the group decided to do a hands-on project and help E.’s establish his dream of Arte Sanna bread. In our discussion, we deducted that the project has the following points to be taken care of:


  1. The project and the product need a good name, to help get a grip on it. We made a brainstorming on this and next time the, pros and cons have to be discussed

The proposals should be weighed based on the questions:

  • What is the target group?
  • English / International or Portuguese?
  • Can we have a “hybrid” name, understood by all?
  • E. already has potential customers in Switzerland and other countries

2 We need a good text/ slogan/ resumé about the special quality to justify a higher price (Madeira grains, clean water /air /soil, locally made, no CO2 waste for transport, ancestral, unspoiled not manipulated, clean, rustic, etc.. D. and U.  will work on E.’s base text to extract this.

3 We need to choose a crowdfunding site from




and study their conditions – how they will be paid, and what E. can give as thank you/prize to the subscribers.

4 We spoke about the size of E.’s bread, in comparison to Bruno’s goods. Smaller packages with 1/10 of content can command a higher price; a big loaf of 1 kg for 10€ has the same value but is more difficult to sell to cost conscious customers. E.`s bread cannot be produced in muffin size – the chemical process behind it won’t work – but it can be sliced and packaged in smaller portions.

5 We need good photos and a snappy video of max. 3-5 minutes with a good music track for the site. Ri. can do this. E. has found two good videos as examples.

Aberdeen: The Bread Maker Charity http://youtu.be/LuxRlOeWjmc,

Very Nice: Australia: Barossa Sour Dough https://vimeo.com/70760988

Other videos about the subject:

The Grain Divide Documentary http://thegraindivide.com/ with trailer at https://vimeo.com/104358546

and Dan Barber with a video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbdj76Og9HE&feature=youtu.be

6 We need a good location (purchase, parking, walk-in potential, visibility) in FNC for the Bakery with shop (no coffee served). If somebody can think of such a place, please investigate and tell the group!

There is a new bakery at Largo de Camoes in Lisbon which is doing very well – Location, location, location…

7 We need to fix the amount of money we’ll try to get through crowdfunding, we should probably ask for more than E. has planned for.

8 Export: the transport options need to be explored for later, it would have to be air freight, for freshness, or frozen.

9 Packaging /Presentation: better than Bruno’s, like “Segurelha” cookies, Logo, labels, closing clip, etc.

10 A good online sales shop


Other stuff:

E. sent us a link about composting of human bodies:


The Madeira Tourism Minister Eduardo Jesus actually had a good idea: He will export some Toboggans to Lisbon to have tourists slide down from Chiado to the Baixa, good advertising for Madeira!

70 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 21.5.2015

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We continued our talk with Dr. C.P. about the situation of our health services in Madeira. He made it clear that the six towers building next to the hospital is not a good idea, it’s not even safe: the plot is on a slope where the exhaust fumes of the cars on the roundabout and tunnel below would float up the hill and adversely affect (at least) the patients with breathing problems. A new hospital is really needed; it would be possible to install modern and well-designed supply piping (oxygen and the like) and afford better service access (and fire exits). It would be easier to avoid sepsis which in the old hospital cannot be avoided, not due to bad hygiene but due to the building itself. The devil is in the details.

The City Hall commissioned a 20 page study about the feasibility of the six towers, and the result was negative. This study was rejected by the old Government.

The best option would be S. Rita. (The Savoy plot would not have adequate access to the traffic.) Another option would be to tear down the School next to the Hospital (which as all schools, is losing pupils) and build there; the land was originally part of the hospital plot.

The Marmeleiros Hospital (Internal medicine) should be next to the main hospital. Now, recourses are wasted on transport between the units. Due to bad maintenance and management, ambulances are late, even in servicing regular patient transport.

Madeira has a hospital centre, not a “proper” hospital like on the mainland. Rare cases still have to be treated on the continent.

We should have an emphasis on one specialty, eg. fighting diabetes which is prevalent on the island but the island does not have a critical mass of inhabitants. Autonomy in this area is not possible.

The pity is that 80 Mil. € were invested in the old hospital (Nuclear Medicine, Pharmacy, Labs), and even if the equipment is moved, there is a waste of money that cannot be recuperated.

We have, for an island, quite a sophisticated health equipment. The problem is bad management. Doctors and nurses are doing a great job under the circumstances they have to work in.

Some years ago, the hospital was greatly helped by the “Kings Fund” and received an accreditation which it lost a few years later. Another accreditation is sought but in the state the hospital is in, this is doubtful.

In any case, it needs political will to build a new hospital, with funds that will have to come from the continent. In spite of all adversity, the group felt that we shall get a new hospital eventually. It also remains to be seen how the new administration is doing its job.


We discussed John Strelecky’s book “Big Five for Live” again. Ri. suggested that the group do some work in this direction, to find a common purpose for the group, in order not to lose focus and achieve meaningful goals. This might be achieved in one or two meetings. There wasn’t much enthusiasm for this; some members think that to speak about their purpose of life, is too personal. People might not want to have a focus, and it might change with time.

Ri.will approach ECM to see if he can win them as a client for a pilot Project

D. recommended the following TED talk:


It delivers a clear argument that help against poverty, in whatever form, cannot succeed if the recipients live in an environment of danger and violence.. Security can be bought by the rich but the poor need it most of all.


Dennis also recommends a truly beautiful video (30 minutes), based on a short story by French author Jean Giorno,:


There is an excerpt of the book and background info on the author here:








65 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 16.10.2014

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A few of us had a very nice meeting last night. The weather was not favourable and we couldn`t visit V`s garden, so we went right into the discussion of just everything, including political parties and the current state of Portugal.

D said that there is a new party being created by Antonio Marinho Pinto, a man he says seems to be respectable and honest (ex-“Partido da Terra” member, ex boss of the Ordem dos Advogados). Here is a link to some info about the new party PDR: http://portocanal.sapo.pt/noticia/38771/

We also spoke about the TED talk about remittances which shows that foreign aid could be cut down if we allowed refugees to work in the country of choice. They are sending as much money as possible home to their families and support their community much more effectively. Here is the link:


Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who worked with Edward Snowdon, makes the case for privacy for individuals – to be protected – and openness of Government documents – to avoid shady dealings.:


Remember the “Marriage in Madeira” discussion – EU foreigners can easily marry in Madeira and this would be a good product for the island`s tour operators? A bridegroom found the Piece U wrote and will now arrange his nuptials with the German consulate in Funchal, a small success!


New petition for a ferry connection to the mainland

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Sérgio Marques from the PSD…ok, whatever… has launched another attempt to get the Government to give us a ferry connection to the mainland, here is the link:


Sign and help push the issue!



62 reunião Madeira Consorcio ToBinG 17.7.2014

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62 Reuniao Madeira Consorcio ToBinG 17.7.2014

Tivemos como sempre, tivemos uma conversa interessante!
D está muito decepcionado com a reação que recebemos dos madeirenses às nossas iniciativas. Ele não ouviu falar do Continente, e U não tem sucesso com o Pingo Doce, para ser autorizado a distribuir os nossos manuais de incêndio nos supermercados. D também está decepcionado com os produtores de cesta de praia; precisavam demasiado tempo para produzir a amostra em tamanho natural, e isso não é feito para as especificações que queríamos.

A Madeira Consorcio agora tem poucos membros e, como podemos ver, desde que começamos nosso trabalho, muitos de nós estão decepcionados como D, e muitos acham que é um desperdício da nossa energia para tentar ajudar os madeirenses. Nós também temos dificuldades para encontrar novos membros pró-ativas com o entusiasmo necessário.

O que vai mudar agora:
A Madeira Consorcia estará mudando de direção. U e V vão continuar com o projeto das ervas e U vai tentar terminar o projeto de cesta de praia. Então teremos uma ou duas reuniões por mês, em vários lugares, inclusive em nossas casas, para falar sobre as questões que nos interessam.

O que não irá alterar:
Muitos de nós tornaram-se amigos; vamos ficar em contato, e falar e falar até nossos ouvidos cair, porque ainda temos bons cérebros para discutir questões difíceis!

cesta: U vai tentar convencer P para colocá-lo na área de recepção  para que P encomenda cestas de praia para os seus hotéis de praia. Mas, então, eles vão provavelmente comprar as da China, como aos produtores aqui são muito caros e não são muito interessados ​​na idéia.
U falou sobre a resposta que recebeu do Provedor de Justiça (Ombudsman), em relação ao seu pedido de atualização do simulador de Pensões da Segurança Social (funciona apenas para um ano de previsão agora).
O Provedor não é de opinião que o simulador deve dar às pessoas a oportunidade de calcular a sua pensão para os anos vindouros. Ele diz que não se deve incutir nas pessoas um sentimento de esperança irrealista … para uma boa pensão, isso é. O grupo disse que o Estado não quer que os cidadãos perceberem o valor reduzido das suas pensão no final. Por outro lado, se os cidadãos sabem do problema agora. poderiam tomar já agora precauções e (se possível) começar um fundo de previdência privada.

A pergunta: qual o instrumento mais eficaz para defender os cidadãos em tais situações? Deco parece boa, mas a experiência mostrou que não é muito eficaz, também. O Livro de Reclamações é ainda a melhor ferramenta para obter serviços (mas não instituições) para melhorar os seus serviços. Precisamos de uma ferramenta contra as instituições.

Falamos sobre o interesse de outras nações para copiar o modelo “alemão” de aprendizagem, que combina formação teórica e prática. Isso depende muito de uma boa colaboração entre as escolas e pequena e média indústria de tamanho e não pode ser facilmente aplicado em outros países. Uma exceção é a Putney School, perto de Boston: dê uma olhada no seu site e, especificamente, em suas grandes crenças fundamentais: http://www.putneyschool.org/content/fundamental-beliefs

A boa notícia:
E teve outra temporada de sucesso de seu curso Oceanográfico com a Universidade de Leicester; seu coordenador quer enviar mais alunos no próximo ano. E também vai tentar criar um outro curso para a permacultura orgânica. Portanto, há uma Universidade de Verão em desenvolvimento, mas, neste momento, apenas para os alunos, e não para os turistas.

Outras informações:
Ro está na Bulgária, no momento, participando de uma conferência de permacultura: http://www.eupc.eu/

A cura quântica: ter um olhar para http://www.quantumk.co.uk/

A Câmara Municipal do Funchal está agora aberto ao público: durante a semana, os visitantes podem, para o custo de 3,50 € /adulto, visitar o Assembleia , o “Salão Nobre”, utilizado para comemorações – este é o lugar onde você iria receber um prêmio da cidade se você fosse para obter um – e outras salas. As visitas guiadas começam às 10h, 11h, 02:00, 15:00 e 04:00. Uma vez que as obras terminaram na torre do edifício, esta será incluída também. U irá organizar uma visita lá para o grupo em agosto.

Nossa próxima reunião ToBinG é no dia 21 de agosto. No futuro, este será um grupo de discussão, para o benefício dos membros participantes. Ainda assim, grandes idéias virá-lo!


62 reunião Madeira Consorcio ToBinG 17.7.2014

As always, we had an interesting conversation!

D is very disappointed with the reaction we received from the Madeirans to our initiatives. He has not heard from Continente, and U has no success with Pingo Doce, to be allowed to distribute our Fire Manuals in the supermarkets. He is also disappointed with the beach basket producers; it took way to long to produce the life size sample, and it is not made to the specifications we wanted.

The Madeira Consorcio now has few members and as we can see, since we started our work, many of us are disappointed as D, and many feel that it is a waste of our energy to try to help the Madeirans. We also have difficulties to find new pro-active members with the necessary enthusiasm.

What will change now:

The Madeira Consorcia will be changing direction. U and V will continue with the herbs project and U will try to finish the Beach Basket project. Then we shall have one or two meetings a month in various places, also in our homes, to talk about issues that interest us.

What will not change:

Many of us have become friends; we are going to stay in touch, and talk and talk until our ears fall off, because we still have good brains to discuss difficult issues!


Basket: U will try to get P to place it in the Reception area  so that P gets beach baskets for their hotels. But they will then probably buy from China, as our people are too expensive and not very interested in the idea.

U spoke about the response she received from the Provedor de Justica (our kind of Ombudsman) in regards to her request for a update of the Social Security Pension simulator (it works only for one year ahead).

The Provedor is not of the opinion that the simulator should give people the chance to calculate their pension for years ahead. He says one should not instill in people a sense of unrealistic hope … for a good pension, that is. The group said that the State does not want the citizens to know how small their pension will be in the end. On the other hand, if the citizens know of the problem they could take precautions already now and (if possible) start a private pension fund. The question: which instrument is most effective to defend the citizens in such situations? Deco looks good but experience showed that is not very effective, either. The livro de reclamações is still the best tool to get services (but not institutions) to improve on their services. We need a tool against institutions.

We spoke about the interest of other nations to copy the “German” model of apprenticeship, which combines theoretical and practical training. This depends very much on good collaboration between schools and small & medium sized industry and cannot be easily applied in other countries. An exception is the Putney School near Boston: have a look at their website and specifically, at their great fundamental beliefs: http://www.putneyschool.org/content/fundamental-beliefs

The good News:
E had another successful run of his Oceanographic course with Leicester University; their co-ordinator wants to send more students next year. E will also try to set up another course for organic permaculture.


Other info:

Ro is in Bulgaria at the moment, taking part in a permaculture conference:http://www.eupc.eu/

Quantum healing: have a look at http://www.quantumk.co.uk/

The Funchal City Hall is now open to the public: during the workweek, visitors can for the cost of 3.50€/adult, visit the Assembly Hall, the “Noble Hall”, used for commemorations – this is where you would receive an award form the city if you ever were to get one – and other rooms. The guided visits start at 10am, 11am, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm. Once the works are finished on the tower of the building, this will be included as well. U will organize a visit there for the group in August. Let`s go!

Our next ToBinG meeting is on August 21. In the future, this will be a discussion group, for the benefit of the participating members. Still, great ideas will come of it!!


60 Madeira Consorcio ToBinG Meeting 29.5.2014 EXCERPT

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60 Madeira Consorcio Tobing Reunião 29.5.2014 – English version below


E e U tiveram uma reunião quase intima, mas intensa (e U foi recompensada com um pão excellente), mas aqui primeiro as notícias:

O cesto: Sr. M transferiu o protótipo para o Sr. G que irá ajustá-lo com têxtil da Madeira na parte traseira e para as almofadas. U vai lá no sábado para discutir o acabamento. Nós provavelmente vamos aconselhar P para comprar as cestas de outro fornecedor como a gente de vimes na Madeira realmente não parece ser capaz de produzir um bom top. D vai levar a peça acabada para um contato na Ponta do Sol.

DV : O último contato para um investidor disse que eles não estão interessados , como DV (a pessoa) não tinha qualquer ligação à Ilha da Madeira, e então ?? Mas parece que este projecto não vai para a frente, também.

Notícias na Agricultura:
V disse que a Menta está crescendo muito bem, a Melissa não é tão bom. Ela vai ter o primeiro corte em junho, então nós podemos fazer cálculos.
MBT ainda está trabalhando nos testes, eles ordenaram um outro teste, a despesa própria, no continente. M disse que os resultados parecem promissores, mas o rendimento não é maior do que de outras plantas testadas.
E tem uma boa idéia para uma Feira de Agricultura Orgânica, com competição. Isso poderia ser feito uma vez por ano, por exemplo, em ação de graças, e os prêmios podem ser concedidos para o produto mais bonito, o melhor sabor e outros parâmetros. Os agricultores devem apresentar os seus produtos numa configuração igual e permitir a degustação. Isso iria promover a produção orgânica para o público, também poderia ser uma atração turística. D disse que há uma nova Associação de Agricultores Orgânicos na tomada, para dar aos agricultores orgânicos um lobby com o governo, essa idéia se encaixaria bem dentro

Como tínhamos muito pouco movimento em nosso grupo no Facebook, o Do já removeu o grupo madeiraconsorcio. Parece que nossos membros não estão interessados suficiente nele, e a maioria das mensagens vieram de Do.

E deu U uma boa visão sobre o Facebook.
Os prós e contras:
O argumento de U era sobre a forma e substância. Substância é o que todos nós deveriamos buscar em nossas vidas e Facebook é muito voltado para as aparências, boa aparência e ganhar “amigos”. Este parece ser bastante superficial.
E disse que precisa gerenciar o mural do Facebook bem para obter um bom conteúdo de seus amigos (no caso dele, verdadeiros amigos e familiares que vivem em outros países), e que é possível bloquear os usuários que utilizam as paredes para colocar publicidade e absurdo. Ele gasta cerca de 15 minutos na parte da manhã e à noite nisso, e é uma boa ferramenta de manter uma boa relação com amigos e familiares que de outra forma, seria perdida.
Cada usuário da Internet tem que escolher quais os canais a utilizar para a comunicação: e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn ou outras plataformas; ninguém pode, possivelmente, ser em todos eles.
Facebook tem uma sequência boa em Portugal, quase 50 % da população está no Facebook. Traz mais negócios para sites de negócios.
E disse que há uma maneira de recolha de informação crítica e pró-ativa, que , ele tem medo será perdido com as novas gerações:
A pessoa deve:
1.ser sensitivo suficientemente para ter a percepção de um assunto;
2.ter conhecimento e experiência suficiente para processar a informação;
3.ter a vontade de tomar uma decisão; sim/não, eu gosto e aceito isso;
4.teria ter a vontade de mudar as coisas que ele/ela não aprova.
Muitas pessoas ainda se sentem ameaçados por pessoas que passam por esse processo e tentam mudar as coisas.
Resumo da U: É melhor que a nossa geração não vai ser testemunha do que vai estar acontecendo com a raça humana em algumas décadas …

Nossa próxima reunião de agricultura é no dia 5 de junho, no Lugar de Baixo / Ribeira Brava (lugar ainda a ser determinado).
Nossa próxima reunião ToBinG será no dia 26 de junho,


60 Madeira Consorcio ToBinG Meeting 29.5.2014


E and U had a small but intensive meeting (and U was rewarded with a great bread), but here is the news first:

Basket: Sr. M transferred the prototype to Sr. G who will fit it out in Madeira textile in the back and the for the cushions. U will go there on Saturday to discuss the finishing. We shall probably advise P to buy the beach baskets – still a good idea for the whole hotel chain – from another supplier as the wickerwork people in Madeira really do not seem to be able to produce a good top. David will take the finished piece to a contact in Ponta do Sol.

DV: The latest contact for an investor said that they are not interested as DV (the person) had no connection to Madeira Island, so what… But it seems this project is not going forward, either.

Agriculture news:

V said that Menta is growing very well, Melissa is not so good. She will have the first cut in June, then we can make calculations.

MBT is still working on the tests, they ordered another test at their own cost on the mainland. M said that the results look promising but the yield is not higher than from other tested plants.

E has a good idea for an Organic Agriculture Fair and competition. This could be done once a year, for example on Thanksgiving, and prizes could be awarded for the nicest produce, the best taste and other parameters. The farmers should present their goods in an equal setup and allow for tasting. This would promote the organic production to the public, it could also be a tourist attraction. D said that there is a new Organic Farmers Association in the making, to give organic farmers a lobby with the Government, this idea would fit right in.

As we had very little movement on our Facebook group, Do has removed the madeiraconsorcio group in the meantime. It seems our members are not interested enough it it, and most posts came from Do only.

E gave U a good insight into Facebook.

The Pros and Cons:
U`s argument was about form and substance. Substance is what we all should be aiming for in our lives and Facebook is very much geared at appearances, looking good and gaining “friends”. This seems to be quite shallow.

E said that you need to manage your Facebook wall well to get good content from your Friends (in his case, real friends and family who live in other countries), It is possible to block users who use walls to post publicity and nonsense. He spends about 15 min in the morning and in the evening on it, and he is able to keep good connection with friends and family that otherwise, would be lost.

Every Internet user has to choose which channels to use for communication: email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other platforms; we cannot possibly be on all of them.

Facebook has a good following in Portugal, almost 50% of the population is on Facebook. It brings more business to business websites.

E said there there is a way of pro-active, critical information gathering and decision making that he is afraid, will be lost with the younger generations:

A person must:

  1. be sensitive enough to have perception of an issue;
  2. have enough knowledge and experience to process the info;
  3. have the will to take a decision; yes/no, do I like and accept this;
  4. ought to have the will to change things he/she does not approve of.

Many people even feel threatened by persons who go through this process and try to change things.

U`s resumé: It is better that our generation will not be witness to what will be going on with the human race in a few decades…

Our next Agriculture meeting is on June 5  in Lugar de Baixo/Ribeira Brava (place to be determined)

Our next ToBinG meeting will be June 


58 Madeira Consorcio Agriculture Meeting 8.5.2014 EXCERPT

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58 Madeira Consorcio Agricultura Reunião 2014/05/08

Nós nos reunimos com Carlos S , que veio ao nosso encontro para representar Padre Pde Ponta do Sol /Canhas ; ele tem um pedaço de terra de 7000m2 (em dois níveis, sem inclinação) e está interessado em participar no nosso projeto de ervas. O Carlos é engenheiro civil, sem emprego no momento, e trabalha na sua terra e alguns terrenos sem uso de seus amigos. Seu vizinho tem uns estufas , mas eles não estão bem expostos ao sol .. Carlos está tentando evitar o desperdício de água e não usa pesticidas em suas plantas. Boa ideia: Ele alimenta a banana madura, que seriam rejeitadas pela cooperativa, para as suas ovelhas e usa suas fezes como nutricional para obter melhores bananas! Uvai convidar Carlos para reuniões futuras da agricultura, ele é muito optimista e tem boas ideias !

O projeto de ervas:

Vplantou 2 x 200m2 com M & M em Chão de Ribeiro e vai ter um primeiro corte no início de Junho, para ter uma ideia do rendimento. Então precisamos sentar com N para fazer um cálculo de custos. Sr. K é o nosso contato em MB, ele está tentando obter o OK de seu chefe para vir à Madeira para confirar o potencial da ilha. Ele está esperando para os nossos informações sobre os nossos preços.

MBT ainda não terminou com a M, no entanto, eles fazem a extração de óleo em pequenos passos . Uma vez que têm óleo suficiente, vão fazer uma análise em profundidade.

R disse que ele já não está trabalhar com o cemitério em Funchal; parece que eles estão trabalhar com outra empresa para resolver o problema. Eles também simplesmente adicionaram um novo pedaço de terra …

E encontrou alguns podcasts interessantes da BBC para ouvir :

Acerca cemitérios e contaminação da água :

1 – http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/197410.stm 2 – .

Http://whqlibdoc.who.int/euro/1998-99/eur_icp_ehna_01_04_01 ( a)

pdf Sobre o impacto de Monsanto na América do Sul : http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/worldservice/docarchive/docarchive_20140508-0330a.mp3

e o vídeo https://archive.org/details/WorldAccordingToMonsanto  E e U têm uma ideia: criar um partido de ” Queixa ” e um respectivo T -Shirt “Atenção : esta pessoa se atreve a reclamar “, para ensinar as pessoas que reclamar não é “uncool” ou fora do lugar (isto é a opinião das pessoas ricos e funcionários do governo )

Nossa próxima reunião será ToBinG para 15 de Maio

Nossa próxima reunião de agricultura é no dia 5 de Junho, (Lugar a ser determinado )


58 Madeira Consorcio Agriculture Meeting 8.5.2014


We met with Carlos S, who came to our meeting to represent Padre Pfrom Ponta do Sol/Canhas; he has a piece of land of 7000m2 (on two levels, no inclination) and is interested to join our herbs project. Carlos himself is a civil engineer, out of a job at the moment, and works on his land and some unused terrain of his friends. His neighbor has unused green houses but they are not well exposed to the sun. Carlos is trying to avoid water waste and does not use chemicals on his plants.

Good idea: He feeds overripe banana, which would be rejected by the co-operative, to his sheep and uses their feces as nutritional add-on to get better bananas!

U will invite Carlos to future agriculture meetings, he is very upbeat and has good ideas!


The herbs project:

V has planted 2 x 200m2 with M & M in Chao de Ribeiro and will get a first cut in the beginning of June to get an idea of the yield. Then we need to sit down with N to make a cost calculation.

Mr. Kis our contact in MB, he is trying to get the OK of his boss to come to Madeira and check out our potential. He is waiting for our information regarding our prices.

MBT hasn`t quite finished with the M tests yet, they do the oil extraction in small steps. Once they have enough oil, they will do an in-depth analysis.


Ro. said that he is not working with the Cemetery in Funchal anymore; it seems that they are working with another company to solve the problem. They also simply added a new piece of land…

E found some interesting BBC podcasts to listen to:

On cemeteries and water contamination:

1- http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/197410.stm

2- http://whqlibdoc.who.int/euro/1998-99/eur_icp_ehna_01_04_01(a).pdf


On the Monsanto impact in South America:


and the video



E and U  had an idea: create a ”Queixa” party and a respective T-Shirt “Attention: this person dares to complain!” and complain away, to teach people that complaining is not uncool, inelegant or out of place (this is the opinion of the riche people and government officials)

Our next ToBinG meeting will be May 15

Our next Agriculture meeting is on June 5




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