96 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 17.3.2018

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We  heard from A.about the concept of integrative medicine. This is an approach to not to view alternative treatments as opposition to allopathic medicine but as composite of both, which emphasizes the approach to the total person, with compassion.

We also watched two videos on the topic:

Dr. Weil’s vision for integrative medicine:


The English view of it:


During the discussion, it came down to the fact that most people abandon the responsibility for their health and shove it over to a doctor who is supposed to fix it. Most people, especially in Madeira, do not want to change their lifestyle for the better.

R. V. and C. also took part in the meeting and R. said that people buy and take way too many supplements these days. Then we went around the room and saw that almost everyone of us also takes supplements one way or another.

C. said that the stress he has in the hospital (2 x per week 24 hour shifts in the Emergency room) have him resort to Melantonin and herbs and such so that he can cope with the stress.

(By the way: he said that the Via Verde treatments  – stroke, heart attack, sepsis) – work well in the hospital!)

Here is the link to the simple breathing exercise Dr. Weil recommends:


Our next meeting will be on April 14,.



93 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 18.11. 2017

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Due to closed roads leading to Monte, (tree cutting) we all arrived late.

After a nice tea, we viewed a documentary from the BBC Horizon series about intermittent fasting, very informative!  The journalist in question interviewed several scientists, tried some options and decided for intermittent fasting. His blood work improved considerably, with it his health, lowering the risk of serious diseases, and increasing life expectancy.

Two members are practicing intermittent fasting with good success.

Other short clips and a great website in regards to Keto Fasting:

Diet doctor website https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb/keto

Jason fasting  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIhhrYjVhOk                   5.17 min

Valter Longo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVArDzYynYc                   19.0 min

How to do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNSbL8p3_RU                      4.45 min

Afterwards, we went to “Pátio das Babosas” again for a nice evening meal.

D. invited the group for a Thanksgiving Turkey Lunch, but, next Thursday being a difficult date for many, we decided to transpose it to Thursday, December 14, and combine the turkey with Father Christmas, let’s see how they get along!

The next meeting will be in 2018. We shall continue with the topic of consciousness, probably also with a video clip

91 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 19.8.2017

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Topic: Consciousness

We discussed Dr Bruce Greyson, doctor of psychiatry, University of Virginia

Studies the relationship between brain and consciousness. He recognises that in normal life there is a very clear link between the two; if you receive a blow to your head or

if you drink too much alcohol, you will experience that your thought process is less clear and focused.  However we cannot prove or observe what causes a thought or an emotion. A single neuron

cannot think or feel anything. The evolution of our way of approaching  this matter in science, follows the same way as did our approach to physics, evolving from Newton to Einstein.

Just like the theory that the brain causes the consciousness is a reasonably good model for everyday situations, so too newtonian physics is a reasonably good model for everyday objects moving at speeds that are observable to the naked eye. It is only when we deal with extreme situations like the brain approaching death or microscopic parcels travelling at the speed of light, that the old models are no longer applicable. For physics we developed a new paradigm called quantum physics and when it came to studies of the mind, physicists had to recognise consciousness as a fundamental part of existence – INDEPENDENT of matter.

There are 4 lines of evidence of consciousness without a brain:

  1. Deathbed recovery of lost consciousness
  2. Complex consciousness with minimal brain (U: discussion to be continued on this point)
  3. Near death experiences
  4. memories of past lives.

Examples of nr 1 : people with severe brain damage (from tumours, alzheimers etc) who had lost all power of thinking or communicating, regained both these things shortly before dying. We have absolutely no explanation for this fact, yet in a study, 70 % of caregivers reported of such phenomena.

Examples of nr 2: people who have lost the use of a significant part of the brain, but yet are able to perform well. One lady who after an accident was left with only a brainstem and no cortex

(cortex is the place where our thinking happens) still she was able to continue as a student at university. People with “hydrocephalus” – a decease that lets fluid leak into the brain. In one person fluid took up 90% of the brain, leaving no space for complex thinking, and still he had over a hundred in an intelligence test.

Example of nr 3: People who are clinically dead (so without trace of brain activity) who still relate vivid experiences when they are resuscitated. These experiences can be verifiable, such as the accounts of what happened during the resuscitation (what machinery was used, what people were in the room etc.) People who claimed to have had a NDE described their resuscitation correctly, whereas people who did not have NDE but was asked to try to remember their resuscitation, related it incorrectly.

People who claim to have had NDE typically describe an altered sense of time, a sudden understanding, clearer thought process, feeling of belonging, peace and joy. However there is such a thing as negative NDEs. How often they occur seems to vary between different investigations, but somewhere between 2 and 14 percent seems to be the norm. In this context I would like to underline

that most of the studies involve people who have been dead for 15 to 20 minutes. Very often they have been aware that there was a line beyond which there was no return, so we don’t actually know what experiences they would have had beyond that line.

Examples of 4: young children who report having had past lives. They typically never report on having been some very well know person, but just ordinary people whose lives were typically ended in an abrupt or violent way. In 63% of cases these people of the past were traceable and accounts of their death verifiable.

Book links : hold on to your shoelaces…

Food of the Gods.pdf


Dawkins. Richard – Deus, um Delírio.pdf (in particular pg 74 vis a vis “the prayers”)


Many Lives, Many Masters (Brian L. Weiss).pdf


Espejos del Tiempo (Brian L. Weiss).pdf


Only Love Is Real – The Story of Soulmates Reunited (Dr. Brian Weiss).pdf


Nosso Lar (Chico Xavier).pdf


Desobsessão (Francisco Xavier).pdf


89 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 24.6.2017

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C was to present more info on the P Association but he couldn’t attend and he didn’t have sufficient time to send U an overview. But he outlined on the phone, that P. needs new associates and new input.

C will send a list of the other members so that we know who they are (and if we would like to associate ourselves with them), also the Statutes and what else they are doing, besides Waldorf-prep courses.

U said that we could organize a “Waldorf for Madeira” workshop (cannot be that difficult) . C said that the cost for a teacher from the mainland would be around 300€ plus flight (the person could stay with C). We need to get more information before proceeding.

M needs to find another option for the Foundation. As mentioned before, there is a Family Court judge who is sending needy children to foster parents, instead of a good home, so only 14 children are living at the Foundation at this time. The overhead is too expensive.

M hopes to get Rubina Leal (PSD, but nobody is perfect) to visit the home to see which other uses can be found  to make use of the space (Creche, day care centre for the handicapped, home for underage mothers). It should be care toward poor children as mentioned in the Statutes, otherwise they would have to be adapted. The new purpose must also be of a kind that the Sisters can cope with.

U spoke to the group about the history of the Consorcio (many members weren’t in it from the start) and about the fact that most of our own projects stalled because of disinterest. (Beach Basket, the Medicinal Herbs project with Verena). We also see that if we offer help, it is not usually accepted. People may want help for their project but end up muddling through as before.

The idea (we are never running out of ideas) is to turn the Consorcio into our own discussion forum with topics we want to talk about, and these may be topics one wouldn’t discuss at a dinner table. If we are approached for help toward outside projects, we’ll be happy to assist


81 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 18.6.2016

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We had a very animated and interesting evening;

ECO House:

E.explained to us his water recycling system – a wetland filtration system which is almost finished. His house is now an ECO house, with almost all water being recycled in a trench (15m long, 70cm deep) in front of the house, filled with several layers of different materials (broken tiles, ceramic, coal, sand, and ceramics and mulch on the top) to filter out any residues. As last step, wetland plants, such a papyrus, will be planted on the trench.

He has a pond with a capacity of 12.000 l water, and he’ll have an additional tank with 20.000 l, for irrigation and as emergency reservoirs in case of fire. Next time there is a fire near his house, he’ll have plenty of water to defend it (he needs a conventional diesel generator in case of power failure).

The system uses two solar powered pumps during the day and one magnetic induction pump during the night, to pump the water up to a cascade behind the house. The pumps also oxygenate the water so that fish can be added to the cascade.  The fish will be eating any larvae so that the system does not breed mosquitoes.



U spoke briefly about Madeira Lovers, D’s souvenir shop, he has problems finding a good shop and making enough money (he has our Beach Basked prototype) He had to give up the shop in the airport because the Vinci group only wants their own shops.
E.is not in contact with A.A.  anymore. He and his buddy S.M. asked him for assistance with Hub projects in the port (creating competition between the transport operators), as he had worked in such projects in Brazil. He worked on it but they won’t go through with it because it would obviously damage special interests (read: Sousa).

The Bread Project and the Supper Club are still on the table. R. already shot part of the film with E. for the Bread Project

R’s film is almost finished, he needs some more financing, he hopes to have it ready in December. We are all looking forward to seeing it!

We spoke about the Praia Formosa debacle. Apparently the owners of the parking lot wanted to build a hotel but they wouldn’t get a license because the land is less that 50 m from the sea, so it’s public domain and building is prohibited: This is why the owners blocked the parking from being used – a typical Madeiran situation.

There was a good TED talk about civil disobedience, and here is a link to e website which lists 198 ways of Civil Disobedience:


New project:

We spoke about the fact that Madeirans a have no protest culture. They are educated to adhere to the mottos ”Don’t make waves” and “Don’t think”.  A free thinker is a trouble maker.

We also spoke about the groups purpose and came up with a new idea of a  “Life School” or “Discovery Club” (avoiding the word “school”, an example is at http://www.spps.org/Domain/10133 ) for youngsters as of the age of 14 – 16

Many of our members are or were teachers and R. is very interested in this as well. After a heated discussion, we decided we could start a project for youngsters who have fulfilled their compulsory school time, to learn in a “Discovery Club” about the joy of experiencing and learning first-hand instead of being indoctrinated with knowledge. They should also be encouraged to tackle their question of their purpose in life. R. says that they should be able to come to a reasonable answer to this quest within a few months.

Basically, it’s “Forget the system” (this also goes for politics and the Government), and set up a new way of dealing with an issue. This would be disruptive.

Examples of “parallel” or disruptive industries which are so new that they cannot be suppressed by the system are: Uber, Supper Clubs, “My Twin Place” home swaps for holidays (https://www.mytwinplace.com/en/ ). All these new industries are at the start unregulated, without insurance and taxation and start parallel to old systems.

Traditional schools kill curiosity, indoctrinate, and any knowledge acquired through memorizing is not remembered. Knowledge is forced on the children. It is also a matter of respect to let a child find out what it wants to learn, not to be forced, a natural interest in learning is always there  Every human being is unique.

Well known examples of alternative learning are Waldorf (well know in Finland, this country has more free thinkers), Summerhill, Rudolf Steiner and Home schooling. D. told us about the 180  change in their daughter when she came to a Waldorf school. D.himself went to France for a year, and, as a foreigner, was left alone to learn what he wanted to learn. He was very happy with it, and it turned out to be great for him .


There is a film called “The forbidden education” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByO41gE3dPQ, in Spanish) about this, everybody should see this film!

To come to grips with this, U.found a comprehensive definition of this concept  in Wikipedia  under “unschooling”  and there is a book “Teach your own” which deals with home schooling.

A.has an “Escola de Semente”  for younger children, organized by their parents, in his Quinta. He is out until next week, then U will ask him about it.

The Discovery Club will let the children find out what they want to be, what they want to discover. This way, they’ll integrate this knowledge for life. Give them tools to show them possibilities. Let them experiment with nature’s materials. Own experience leads to better understanding. The Club gives out no diplomas

79 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 13.4.2016

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We had another animated meeting in the station! The sea view is animating, that`s why…

We spoke about the obstacle in the form of JM. Nothing is going forward, not for the English page, nor with our idea to create “anuncios” as a conduit channel from citizens to the Town Halls.

Ri. was opposed to the “anuncio” project; he is however, for such a project if it channels positive input from the citizens to “upstairs” and increases democracy on the island

U. is exploring the idea of hopping on another, successful bandwagon, in order to avoid having to start at the bottom in the internet. Ideas which cannot be found in the internet do not result in any action. E. said that we could re-activate the Consorcio Facebook page (eliminated at this time). The reality is that only many “friends” make the content visible.

We were talking again about the purpose of the group.

It does not exist only to move things forward on the island but also as a forum for the members (not just a chatting club), to be able to voice ideas and exchange opinions. We have two projects at the moment, support for E.’s bread and the Club idea which is interesting to many of the members. The group could also focus on one topic, such as education, and create a project with a relevant role. E. mentioned the involvement of handicapped persons in food-making as a social endeavor and education for the non-handicapped. Gr. mentioned the association for rare diseases http://www.rarissimas.pt/. This would need to reach critical mass to become visible.

News on the Food Project. E. is looking for a space to produce professionally, he is receiving more orders on a regular basis.

We also spoke about the Club.

U. thinks it would be a good idea to create a website and have several members from the group offer different experiences. Gr. is after a social atmosphere so that people, residents and tourists alike, could get to know each other and have discussions.

U. could set up a website to take requests. This would be a new peer-to-peer business and disruptive to the existing industry.

76 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 22.1.2016

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We met in the Station in the Lunch room, and started off with a bread tasting. Ca. brought some very good ginger cookies, made by himself!  What a Surgeon’s hands can do…

Z.,  represented her parents, so U and E gave a brief introduction of our work and goals.

We are trying to develop ideas for new business on the island, such as medicinal herbs. We also visit places of interest; such as the Sugar Cane factory in Ribeiro Seco/Funchal, the Meia Serra waste processing plant and the firefighters in Funchal.

One of the issues facing us now if that, if we have good ideas, they cannot come to fruition if we cannot find the person/s best suited to pick them up and turn them into reality. We also want to have more exposure of our work to the public.

E and Uhad a meeting with the managing Director of JM (former Jornal da Madeira) and presented our idea of a communication channel from the population (and from us) to the Government by way of short ads with ideas (not complaints!).

He didn’t pick this up but instead wants us to publish our ideas every two weeks in a column (he said, with 3000 words, it’s more likely that he meant  3000 characters).


U. would like to wait until the newspaper is sold – which according to E’s info, should be soon. D.is also of the opinion that it is better to go in with the New instead of going out with the Old (in this case, the management).

In another project with the JM, D. and U. are working with them to develop a once-per-week English page ( A3 folded once =4 pages)  as an add-in and a stand-alone, to reach the foreign Residents and Tourists. Advertising should be able to support the cost. This would fill the gap left by the demise of The Brit a few years ago. In this paper, we could also place our ideas  and have (anonymous) food critics’ reports.

The ferry to the mainland:

We also talked about the subsidy game going on for the Ferry which is still not visible anywhere. Subsidies are killing entrepreneurial efforts. E.said that the group of interested shipping companies is now ganging up to pressure the Government for higher subsidies. The Sousa group which seems to hold an amazing number of essential enterprises on both islands, is probably going to come out on the top again.

The Ferry to Porto Santo:

E.said that there should be a continuation of territorial continuity; this is not a problem in the Canary islands. Ferry traffic there is voluminous and never interrupted.

Public transport is (like water) a public service and should not be in the hands of private enterprises. (Ca. mentioned that for example, telephone connection is not a public service per se.) The ferry to Porto Santo should have a contract which stipulates that it must run 52 weeks of the year. If the transport company is not willing to provide the service around the year, then it should lose the license.

Every discussion leads to the problem of corruption, part of the human nature. Added to this is the fact that the Portuguese, especially the Madeirans, do not have a fighting spirit.

Such corruption can be fought with transparency, another issue for publication in a newspaper. The Diario publishes a list of public contracts every month, with the top ten contractors and amounts. Old Contracts as the one for the Porto Santo Ferry should also be published; in the case of Sousa, his holdings should be made public as well. U. said that if such information is not allowed to be forgotten, by persistently repeating it, it will finally sink in, and  people will react at some point. The question is how far the future owners of JM will be willing to go to publish information which is uncomfortable to the Have’s on the island.

We also spoke briefly about E’s project. He will make an experiment and dry his product(for preservation and export) to see how it comes out. It may, however, turn out to be too hard.

D.said that E.should grow his grains exclusively on the island. These grains are kept in seed preservation chambers, but why not use them now and keep them unaltered?

Z introduced us to the concept of the Hash House Harriers, a movement which organizes running events to support charities, with chapters all over the world.  This is also an expat movement as the organizer used to come from the British Army. Have a look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hash_House_Harriers

Our next meeting will be in mid-February

65 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 16.10.2014

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A few of us had a very nice meeting last night. The weather was not favourable and we couldn`t visit V`s garden, so we went right into the discussion of just everything, including political parties and the current state of Portugal.

D said that there is a new party being created by Antonio Marinho Pinto, a man he says seems to be respectable and honest (ex-“Partido da Terra” member, ex boss of the Ordem dos Advogados). Here is a link to some info about the new party PDR: http://portocanal.sapo.pt/noticia/38771/

We also spoke about the TED talk about remittances which shows that foreign aid could be cut down if we allowed refugees to work in the country of choice. They are sending as much money as possible home to their families and support their community much more effectively. Here is the link:


Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who worked with Edward Snowdon, makes the case for privacy for individuals – to be protected – and openness of Government documents – to avoid shady dealings.:


Remember the “Marriage in Madeira” discussion – EU foreigners can easily marry in Madeira and this would be a good product for the island`s tour operators? A bridegroom found the Piece U wrote and will now arrange his nuptials with the German consulate in Funchal, a small success!


20 Madeira Consorcio Meeting Minutes (Agriculture) 31.1.2013 – excerpt – English version below

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Funchal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


20. reunião da Madeira Consórcio (Agricultura) 31.1.2013


Olá equipe,
tivemos uma reunião interessante, com uma ideia nova. Infelizmente, nenhum dos contactos agrícolas esperávamos assistir, veio. O advogado não poderia fazê-lo; Ursula vai continuar a convidá-lo. E. vai convidar mais uma vez um professor da UMa, talvez a gente tem que ter uma reunião em separado com ele.


Ursula distribuiu uma lista de produtos agrícolas e clientes para os quais precisamos produtores. Negócio está acenando!


Para Venda:
23.000 m2 de terreno, cerca de 700m de altura, acima da Ribeira Brava, pode por certificado para uso orgânico, para 100.000 euros. O proprietário é um amigo de E., também esta interessado em trocar com uma casa no Funchal (um s.r. de idade).


Discutimos os efeitos positivos de culturas probióticas, Egberto usa-los para este pão. Eles também estão contidos no kefir. tempeh, miso, tofu e arroz de sushi. Este pode ser um produto, se pode ser produzido num ambiente higiénico.

Nossa organização:
Nosso Blog está em https://madeiraconsorcio.wordpress.com/
Nosso grupo no Facebook está aqui: https://madeiraconsorcio.wordpress.com/

O grupo de Turismo e Negócios irá reunir em 7 de fevereiro .
O grupo Agricultura: apenas iremos planejar a próxima reunião, uma vez que encontrar uma maneira de conseguir mais pessoas para participar deste grupo. Ursula vai usar esse tempo para ter reuniões com contactos agrícolas.






20 Madeira Consorcio Meeting Minutes (Agriculture) 31.1.2013


Hello Team,


we had an interesting meeting, with a new idea. Unfortunately, none of the of the agricultural contacts we hoped would attend, came. The lawyer couldn’t make it; Ursula will continue to invite him. E will try to get a Prof. from the UMa to come, maybe we have to have a separate meeting with him.


Ursula distributed a list of agricultural products and clients for which we need producers. Business is beckoning!


For sale:


23.000 m2 of land, around 700m high, above Ribeira Brave, can by certified for organic use, for 100.000 euro. The owner is a friend of Egberto’s, he would also swap with a house in Funchal (he is quite old).


We discussed the positive effects of probiotic cultures, Egberto uses them for this bread. They are also contained in kefir. miso, tempeh, tofu and sushi rice. This could be a product if it can be produced in a hygienic environment.


As always: Please keep our ideas confidential, they are no good if they get into the wrong hands!


Our organisation:


Our Blog is at https://madeiraconsorcio.wordpress.com/


Our Facebook group is here:https://madeiraconsorcio.wordpress.com/


The Tourism & Business group will meet on February 7.


The Agriculture group: we shall only plan the next meeting once we find a way to get more people to join this group. Ursula will use this time to have meetings with agricultural contacts.





19 Madeira Consorcio Meeting Minutes (ToBinG) 14.1.2013

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View to Machico in Madeira, Blick auf Machico ...

View to Machico in Madeira, Blick auf Machico in Madeira (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


19 Reunião Madeira Consórcio (ToBinG) 14.1.2013  Excerpt – English version below


Tivemos uma reunião interessante, com ênfase em projetos de Filipe.

Na próxima semana, um jovem advogado, irá se juntar a nós e esperamos que se tornar um membro activo ou, pelo menos, um membro associado.
A palestra sobre a emigração ocorreu em 18 de janeiro, 10 pessoas compareceram, eles pesnavam o conteúdo útil. U. vai falar com um conctato na UMa para ver se ela deve repetir a palestra lá.
A Universidade de Verão: E. e U. tiveram uma segunda reunião com a escola, yessss, eles estão dispostos a ajudar organizar o evento!
Mosquito Killers: G. recebeu as unidades pequenas, mas em um preço muito alto e com muita complicação. U. vai escrever para um contacto austríaco, que tem uma empresa de importação e exportação para o entretenimento eletrônico, para ver se ele pode recomendar uma empresa de controle de qualidade na China (diminuir o risco) e uma empresa de transporte bom para facilitar uma melhor importação da China.
Parceria Matéria-prima: V. terá um estudo da Universidade da Madeira Banana para enviar para o homem herdeiro nas Ilhas Canárias, em seguida, U. irá entrar em contacto com ele.
Projetos de Filipe:
Ele tem um terreno de 9.000 m2 (ainda não testado e aprovado para orgânico) em Machico, ele ainda não sabe o que a cultivar nele. O grupo sugeriu-lhe para ir orgânica.
Filipe abriu uma pequena fábrica de marmelada numa antiga casa de sua família em Machico. O local está instalado e funcionando, ele convidou AJJ para abri-lo oficialmente. O obstáculo: o Governo Regional construiu uma nova estrada na frente da casa, agora não tem condições de ser usados ​​para qualquer coisa, porque é muito perto da nova estrada. Filipe vai escrever para AJJ para ver se ele pode corrigir isso, este podia funcionar.
Ele está produzindo marmelada de Tomate Ingles, Maracuja e Physalis, ele planeja adicionar um Chutney. Grao d’Uva, no Funchal já está vendendo seus doces. Ele também produz polpa de fruta natural, para vender aos restaurantes e hotéis para pudim Maracuja, Poncha e milk-shakes. Inteligente!
Nós experimentamos os produtos, são muito bons. Como ele pretende exportá-los, o grupo sugeriu usar menos açúcar e mais pectina (a marmelada tem que ser firme para o gosto dos estrangeiros).
U. irá enviar-lhe alguns contactos da Câmara de Comércio bilateral (Portugal-Alemanha). Como membros eles vão ajudá-lo a encontrar clientes ou empresas grossistas para a exportação.

Nossa organização:
Nosso Blog está em https://madeiraconsorcio.wordpress.com/
Nosso grupo no Facebook está aqui: https://madeiraconsorcio.wordpress.com/
O grupo de Agricultura se reunirá em 31 de janeiro.
O grupo de Turismo e Negócios irá reunir em 7 de fevereiro .


19 Madeira Consorcio Meeting Minutes (ToBinG) 14.1.2013 Excerpt


We had an interesting meeting, with emphasis on Filipe’s projects.


Next week, a young lawyer, will join us and hopefully become an active or at least an associate member.


The lecture on emigration took place on January 18, 10 persons attended, they found the content useful. U. will talk to a contact at the UMa to see if she should repeat the lecture there.


The Summer University: E. and U. had a second meeting with IPTL, yessss, they are willing to help organize the event!


Mosquito Killers: G. received the small socket units but at too high a price and with much complication. U. will write to an Austrian contact who has an import export company for entertainment electronics, to see if he can recommend a quality control firm in China (lower the risk) and a good transport company to facilitate a better import from China.


Raw Material Partnership: V. will get a University study of the Madeira Banana to send to heir man on the Canary Islands, then U. will get in touch with him.


Filipe’s projects:


He has a piece of land of 9000 m2 (not yet tested and approved for organic) in Machico; he doesn’t yet know what to cultivate on it. The group urged him to go organic.


Filipe opened a small jam factory in an old house of his family in Machico. The place is up and running, he invited AJJ to open it officially. The obstacle: the Regional Government built a new road in front of the house, now it does not have the conditions to be used for anything because it is too close to the new road. Filipe will write to AJJ to see if he can fix this, this may very well work.


He is producing jams from Tomate Ingles, Maracuja and Physalis, he plans to add a Chutney. Grao d’Uva in Funchal is already selling his jams. He also produces natural fruit pulp, to sell to the restaurants and hotels for Maracuja pudding, Poncha and milk shakes. Clever!


We tasted the products, they are very good. As he plans to export them, the group suggested to use less sugar and more pectin (the jam has to be firm for the foreigners’ taste).


U. will send him some contacts from the bilateral Chamber of Commerce (Portugal-Germany). If he joins the Chamber, they will help him find clients or wholesale companies for the export.




Our organisation:


Our Blog is at https://madeiraconsorcio.wordpress.com/


Our Facebook group is here:https://madeiraconsorcio.wordpress.com/


The Agriculture group will meet on January 31st .


The Tourism & Business group will meet on February 7 .





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