103rd Madeira Consorcio Meeting 12.1.2019

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We met in U’s place to watch two videos on the Moral Limits of Markets:

Michael Sandel, philosophy professor from the US:


Sandel spoke about cash incentives for children to read books, a contested issue.

He also made the point that nowadays, people of affluence and smaller means do not mix anymore like they used to (like in a football stadium) because people of affluence can and do buy services which allows them to separate themselves from the simple folks.

TEDsters are asking to counterbalance this development: People should actively and deliberately meet with people of other opinions and levels to speak to each other. Citizens should demand accountability from their politicians in regular Q & A sessions. The politicians who do not shy away from this, are doing well in public opinion (Angela Merkel does this on a regular basis, live on TV.

The definition of “community” is changing from the village type community to the internet community. Much of this does not look like a community at all because it isolates people from each other, but some communities are working well, such as Wikipedia.

Michael Sandel made another great video about this topic with students from all over the world on the same topic; we didn’t watch it because the audio is not great, but here is the link:


We also watched a TED talk by Kate Raworth, she makes the point that economies should thrive but not grow anymore:


We are overshooting the resources of this planet and still not saving everyone from poverty but we could avoid it. New technologies need to be applied to regulate this. Will this take place???

Other info:

Bio-Magnetism: U. is tired of talking about it, let’s do it!

U. gave out some magnet pairs to the couples in attendance, to combat bacteria, viruses etc. with a simple application of the magnets (clad in leather) for 20 minutes on the troubled spot, eg. on an ear infection or a tooth nerve.

The magnets balance the PH and kill the offending bacteria so this is good to treat local small inflammation

For prevention, is also great, e.g. to keep the sinuses clean.

If you have bigger health problems, it’s always best to consult one of the therapists. Here in Madeira, we have several therapists who offer the treatment .(U has the contacts)



102nd Madeira Consorcio Meeting 10.11. 2018

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We met in Ilheus for our meeting and for a delicious dinner.

The topic was “overpopulation” and we watched two videos:

Alexandra Paul – Overpopulation facts – the problem no one will discuss


Hans Rosling – Why the world population won’t exceed 11 billion


The argument that the world population will level at 11 billion, was not accepted by all members. This may or may not happen.

The west cannot simply export its recipes of preservation or curbing population growth to the third world

Education, especially for girls and women, would be essential. Contraceptives must be provided for people who wish to lower the number of their offspring but only if they can see that the few children they have, can and will survive infancy.

The internet is a driving force behind the curbing of overpopulation because if poor people in third world countries have access to it, they have an incentive to get education to lift themselves up to higher levels of income for shoes, bikes, scooters, washing machines, cars…

But the first world is robbing the third world of resources and health.

The resources may already be depleted too much to avoid big catastrophes.

The fate of Humankind may already be sealed.

Nature – Gaia – is a self-correcting system, it may already be “working” to bring humankind to extinction. Gaia is a huge pond with fish in it – us – and our species can be regulated by several factors.

New diseases are coming up, and aggression between people may lead to war which would decimate the population. Water is an essential, scarce good, which already leads to conflicts between peoples.

What to do:

Religion has to be part of the solution – a handrail for simple folks – , but it has to adapt and may move (back) into the direction of morality and/or spirituality, to support sustainability and other people in need.

The hope rests with younger people who may not want to accept the old ways of exploitation. But they may not be successful with new initiatives because of the blockage of the older generations. Progress moves forward by a series of funerals…

The latest news: plastic nano-particles find their way into water and soil, and enter the human body through food. In the body’s cells, there they may impede the energy production of the mitochondria. Nobody knows what that would mean for your bodies.

Gaia may win this one!

Other info:

G. sent us a interesting, short video about organic farming in India, integrating the community.

The website is here:


They have TULSI teas:


U showed her calligraphy  Hana (from Japan) is giving classes in the “Armazem do Mercado” behind the market, on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11.20 – 13h (10€, including material). She also does origami, and she is pondering to give Japanese language lessons.


An ingenious, simple system to determine and find addresses worldwide via the words in an app:

https://what3words.com/ the world is sliced into  3 m2 spaces, every one with a unique “name.”

An example: Rua do Aljube 61  has “prefer.hamster.spirit”-  no joke…



101st Madeira Consorcio Meeting 15.9. 2018

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D. presented a TED Talk by the co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute:

Amory Lovins was worried (and writing) about energy long before global warming was making the front — or even back — page of newspapers. Since studying at Harvard and Oxford in the 1960s, he’s written dozens of books, and initiated ambitious projects — cofounding the influential, environment-focused Rocky Mountain Institute; prototyping the ultra-efficient Hypercar – to focus the world’s attention on alternative approaches to energy and transportation.”

This Institute stands for a positive approach, pointing to initiatives already underway by private enterprise and driven by the markets, to wean humanity off coal and oil by 2050. This will happen, whether the American President likes it or not.

The link:


U. mentioned a TED talk by a Comedian who said that cartoons are a great way of communication serious issues in a humorous manner. Cartoons may, for example, open up the mind of non-believers of global warming, so that they can be receptive to the fact that global warming really exists.

The link:


Other points:

Japanese calligraphy class for beginners

Saturday 15th of September, 11h30 – 13h

Thursday 20th of September, 12h30 – 14h

RESTOCK Gallery in Armazem do Mercado
Price: 10 euros, material included
Age: Adults and youth (13 years and older)
Inscription :restockfunchal@gmail.com



The Buddhist Centre is now having Cinema on each first Friday of the month:

O CBM vai dar início a um ciclo de cinema chamado ‘Ver, Refletir e Discutir’.

É uma ocasião para ver filmes e documentários alternativos.

Haverá também ocasião para um chá e bolachas.

Local: Sede do CBM, Rua das Mercês 26 no 2º andar.

Hora: 19h

Entrada: 2 Budas

Para as primeiras três sessões está programado o seguinte:

28 de Setembro: “Kundun” de Martin Scorsese. Duração 2h 10min

5 de Outubro: “Human Vol.I” de Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Duração 1h 24min

2 de Novembro: “O pequeno Buda” de Bernardo Bertolucci. Duração 2h 20min

Pretendemos fazer uma projecção todas as primeiras sextas de cada mês, o dia 28 de Setembro é uma excepção.

São todos muito bem-vindos!

C.A.S.A. (https://casa-apoioaosemabrigo.org/index.php/delegacoes/casa-madeira) is looking for (permanent) volunteers for the evening food handout (every 14 days, they need people for Mondays and Fridays), the contact is Silvia, 91 0365816, madeira@casa-apoioaosemabrigo.org . You can also ask U., she is on a Monday team.


100 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 14.7. 2018

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We met in A’s practice room , and spoke about human needs. Althea has a long list of them.

Human needs are associated in groups with the Chakras, energies which can be felt in certain parts of the body. Althea moved us by a simple question: What are your needs and what are you doing to meet them? It’s a difficult topic…

C. sent us a link by BJ Miller about what matters at the end of life:




a positive view by Bronnie Ware

We won’t have a meeting in August – too many members will be on holiday, we’ll reconvene in September


99 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 16.62018

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We met in U’s place to view a video by Dr. Carhart-Harris about research done in the UK and the United States about psychedelics; the link:


The patients undergoing these controlled studies were all severely depressed or had other mental afflictions. Although some of them underwent also bad trips during the study, the aftereffect on this group of patients was /is mainly very positive. One or two treatments can actually improve depression etc. for months at a time.

Michael Pollan wrote a book about the findings with a lengthy title: “How to change your mind  – What the new science of Psychedelics teaches us about Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression and Transcendence”. E and G have it,is also available as audio book.

An interview with Michael Pollan about his book is here:


Dr. Carhart-Harris’ mention in the Imperial College of London:


It is actually possible to have psychedelics prescribed by a doctor (with a special procedure) for depression and other serious mental afflictions.

MAPS is a worldwide organizations that helps sufferers find a doctor who can prescribe psychedelics for their treatment


D mentioned that psychedelics help to un-focus – a behaviour that has been instilled in us from childhood – and to see the whole picture. Psychedelics do not cause hallucinations per se, they open the door to perceive them.

G said that the medical- industrial complex is suppressing the use of psychedelics even if they are beneficial to patients, because this would mean that they can sell less of their products.

It was discussed that these substances are not drugs, they are plant derivatives and natural, they dock in the body to receptors which also accept substances the body produces itself.

There seems to be a new understanding in the US that when people are depressed and kill themselves, the problem lies not with them but with the lifestyle. An interesting article by Kirsten powers is here:


U mntioned that wastewater – which is recycled in cities – carries more and more substances like cocaine. It has also surfaced again that women who take Ibuprofen or Paracetamol during pregnancy, may have a healthy baby girl who later finds that she is infertile because the pain killers killed her eggs in the ovaries during her mother’s pregnancy. (see article)

Reminder The JORNAL carries News in English on Tuesdays, it’s a good information service now!


98 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 19.5.2018

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We met in V.’s Quinta in S. Antonio to visit her private garden, where she started a new orchid collection. It is promising! She has 250 different kinds of orchids in the lowers greenhouse and is now starting to place them in the garden itself. Butterflies and birds have returned, after the road below the grounds  was built.

The garden is, at the bottom end, on level with the new road so she could then open a new gate for easy access for the visitors.

She also has com experience with EcoTherapy, with three persons who came to the Quinta during the day  to plant and raise plants, to rest and get out of burnout mode.

She has a contact to a Germany enterprise which intends to send her employees who had a burnout or who are close to it. In the UK, EcoTherapy is paid by the National Health system.

We also spoke about Shinrin Yoku – Forest Bathing, a practice from Japan, see D’s links below*. D. thinks that Madeira is ideal to practice this relaxing way of living, really.

U talked about the encounter she had on a private occasion with the head of Madeira Tourism. There might be a new type of government official who could be open to working with us. D. told us about a guy from JPP (Junto pelo Povo) who came to visit him and P. in Esperdegada, to discuss all kinds of government matters, to do with the upkeep of the road. D. had a very good impression of him, this might also be a person we could work with and propose ideas to, or to help with brainstorms.

U. will get in touch with Sam G., who writes the News in English, coming out now every Tuesday in the JORNAL – please go and buy it! –  to see if she can set up another channel for the news with  the Madeira Island News.

We need a new topic for June and G said she would like to inform us about medicinal use of psycedelics – wow!

The links, to get a look into it:


and about the research done so far:



The next meeting will be on June 16, the place yet to be determined.

  • Shinrin Yoku – Forest Bathing












97 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 14.4.2018

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We met in E’s and ’s place , they introduced us to the first Tool in the Book “Coming Alive“ (“The Tools”, https://www.thetoolsbook.com/ ) by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels. This is a self-help series of methods to deal with personal problems. The video we saw was very interesting because Barry Michels came up with some good insights we never heard anywhere else.

G found the book by chance and wanted her son to read it; he declined so she read it,  liked it and gave it to E. Both are now dealing with the H. Situation in a different way so this might very well resolve some issues!

Our next meeting will be on May 19

PS from Madeira Island News:

Pilot advocates no airport wind limits

The Diario reports today that pilot Timóteo Costa, with 26,000 flight hours and 9,000 landings in Madeira, belives that the airport should not have “wind limits” and considers that the region is being “punished” for “a bureaucratic decision”. Timóteo Costa, also an instructor and examiner,  gave this controversial opinion at a parliamentary hearing at the Permanent Commission of Economy, Finance and Tourism on the “Operational Assessment of Madeira International Airport”.
According to Timóteo, the captain of the aircraft should decide whether to land or take-off based on the conditions he is facing at that point in time, and not be governed by mandatory limits. He notes that Madeira airport “is the only one in the world with mandatory limits “fixed by people sitting in offices”.
“We are punishing Madeira and the people of Madeira with a pure bureaucratic decision,” he told the Commission, expressing the conviction that “50 to 70% of the planes that adopt a holding pattern and leave, and then leave without even trying to land, will land in full safety “. According to the commander, if there are no limits and only recommendations, these 50 to 70 percent of landings that are not made today will be “made safely”. “I am against the obligatory limit [which dates back to 1964 and remains unchanged despite successive expansions of the airport from 1,600 to 1,800 and 2,781 meters and new technologies introduced in the meantime] and not the limitations that all pilots have to be informed ” , he says.

Timóteo Costa (pictured) said that Madeira International Airport is “a toy” compared to others such as those in Innsbruck, Salzburg, Gibraltar or La Palma.
On December 4, the president of the National Civil Aviation Authority, Luís Ribeiro, said in Funchal that the review of the wind limits at Madeira Airport is “legitimate and sensible”, but he assured that the decision will be technical and never political. “We think it is appropriate to re-think the issue and the decision will always be technical rather than political,” said the official, during the same hearing.The infrastructure is the only one in the country where the wind limits, fixed in 1964, are mandatory and not recommended, but the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) has already begun a study to evaluate the possibility of changing the situation, which in 2017 affected more than 700 flights.


96 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 17.3.2018

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We  heard from A.about the concept of integrative medicine. This is an approach to not to view alternative treatments as opposition to allopathic medicine but as composite of both, which emphasizes the approach to the total person, with compassion.

We also watched two videos on the topic:

Dr. Weil’s vision for integrative medicine:


The English view of it:


During the discussion, it came down to the fact that most people abandon the responsibility for their health and shove it over to a doctor who is supposed to fix it. Most people, especially in Madeira, do not want to change their lifestyle for the better.

R. V. and C. also took part in the meeting and R. said that people buy and take way too many supplements these days. Then we went around the room and saw that almost everyone of us also takes supplements one way or another.

C. said that the stress he has in the hospital (2 x per week 24 hour shifts in the Emergency room) have him resort to Melantonin and herbs and such so that he can cope with the stress.

(By the way: he said that the Via Verde treatments  – stroke, heart attack, sepsis) – work well in the hospital!)

Here is the link to the simple breathing exercise Dr. Weil recommends:


Our next meeting will be on April 14,.


95 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 17.2.2018

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We met in U’s place and watched a video by Peter Russell about consciousness.


Russel is saying that Consciousness creates the brain, and everything else.

There are many scientists trying to discover the Theory of Everything, to find how the material world works, looking for quarks and new matter but they cannot find the particles or the answers. The scientisst who are saying the consciousness is elemental, are far and few between and they are risking their reputation. Their work undercuts a lot of work of other scientists who depend on grants and tenure etc.

This led us to the concept of non-duality, a (in the Western world) new approach to life. The pantomime David Ellzey can show the approach to life, based on this concept, without words, all im mime, here is the link:


In our everyday world, this is quite a strange concept, because it cannot be comprehended by the mind. Meditation can get you there

Our next meeting will be on March 17.

A. will give us some insight on “Treatment of health in the future by Integrative medicine”

94 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 13.1.2018

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Hello Team,

We visited P’s Esperdegada Farm in Tabua and it was a great success!

D & P (who were also Consorcio members in former times when we had an agricultural group) bought the farm in the Parque Natural (many rules, and permissions to obtain for everything) in 2006. Since then, they have restored the building for habitation in the rural style, largely eliminated the fruit trees and their levadas and planted lavender (which needs little water) of various origins. They are now selling high-quality lavender oil and honey. Pelargonium also grows there very well, it yields another high quality oil. They also have – a rarity on Madeira – four Macadamia nut trees.

D. gave us a tour (with amazing “before & after” photos) and showed us the improvements, including one of Rod’s (also a former member) compost toilets. Some of the group took a tour on the grounds (the land is spread over 16 levels!). Then we had a nice lunch with congenial discussions in the sunshine.

Sadly, most of us forgot to buy avocados and other fruits before going home!

S.sent us a link about home biogas:


Our next meeting will be on February 10  to watch a video which will round up our recent discussions about consciousness

For March, we’ll have an intro by A. about Acupuncture and the situation – fight for survival, really – of alternative treatments which are under constant threats by the Medical-Industrial Complex in Europe.


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