132 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 14.1.2023

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We met in the Gallery again. The Topic was  “How mRNA medicine will change the world”

The TED Talk is here:

Melissa J. Moore (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melissa_J._Moore) works for Moderna.

Mrs. Moore described how complicated our protein system is, and that is doing constant biological warfare to protect our body. The scientists were researching mRNA before the Pandemic because they wanted to create vaccines against cancer. As the Pandemic is almost over (China) they will refocus on individualized cancer vaccines now. Mrs. Moore said that it is very easy to create the fitting mRNA – it can be done in one hour. But we thought that the individual vaccines will probably be very expensive because the pharma industry wants to earn big bucks. On the other hand, with mass production for many patients, the prices should come down. mRNA is only an instruction for the body to make a specific protein but the Pharma guys will also try to get patents on these proteins, and we think it is a bad idea to do open the doors for patents on anything to do with the body.

MJ said the Anglican Church is hesitant to give a position on this technique, it interferes with life. But the reality is that humans mess with life and disease all the time. The Church, also the pope, is in a “Damned, if you do and damned if you don’t” position.

The technique could also be used for bad means, Terrorists or gangsters might try to come up with evil means…  

Artificial intelligence is also coming up, and the question is always whether humans will be able to control it fully and forever.

mRNA could also be used to delay ageing and looking younger. In the Old Testament, some people got to be 200 years old. Not everybody wants that. Once you are old, you are a spectator.

China is using their own vaccine (Sinovac) which is said to be less effective and old people, especially outside of the big centres, are not fully vaccinated, One can only guess what is happening there. They don’t want western vaccines, and the Russian “Sputnik” is not popular either. MJ said that they are using Sinovac in Dubai, they also don’t want the stuff from the West.

The German scientist Kekulé, talking about Covid, said in his regular podcast (https://www.ardaudiothek.de/sendung/kekules-corona-kompass-von-mdr-aktuell/73248430/ in German) that a study that found that the myocarditis in children is actually caused by “loose” spike proteins in the blood. This happened in children who got the vaccine (with a high dosage) but also in kids who hadn’t been vaccinated and caught the disease itself. They will have to work on this; the next vaccines will probably not focus in the spike protein anymore.

We came to think of the song “In the Year 2025” which seems to be right on the point:

Zager and Evans –  in the year 2525 (exordium and terminus)

lyrics https://g.co/kgs/i3YnQ3 


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