80 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 27.5. 2016

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We visited the Meteorological Station in Rua da Lazareto, it was very informative, and we had a lot of questions in regards to Feb 2010.

The Station (www.ipma.pt ) is run by the state as part of a national and international network. The observer Luisa gave us a professional tour; she does this with many groups.

Madeira has 118 stations, including one in P.Santo (but none on the Desertas or the Selvagens, too close). Most of them are running automatically and have to be maintained scrupulously. The one in Rua do Lazareto, active since 1947, is automatic and “manual”, as the observers take measures which cannot be delivered by mechanic devices (they have a scheme how to identify different forms of clouds). The Station has two observers and two meteorologists.

The team has to be one of the rare groups in Portugal which has to be punctual at work, the have to take several measurements at precise times each day.

Luisa then showed us the PCs which monitor the measurements of all 18 stations at any time, and the details they can obtain from each station. She then showed us all instruments to measure, temperature, humidity, air pressure etc in the house: very delicate instruments which were cleverly designed long time ago. She also showed us some measures outside (until we were chased inside by a shower).  One of them works with horse’s hair to measure humidity. They also take wind speed and the temperature in the soil in 50 cm and 1 m depth – no frost here, Sir.

The Station in Funchal (as in Azores and in Canarias, and some platforms on sea) releases a helium balloon every day at precisely 12 noon, with small instruments to measure the same data on the top level of the atmosphere (around 31.000 km). The balloons need around 1.5 hours to get there, then they burst and fall back to earth or into the sea (with batteries inside, but solar would not be powerful enough to transmit the radio signals back to the station). The container is equipped with a small parachute as not to hit somebody in the head, and sometimes people who find such a container, return them to the Station.

The Cupola above the station is not a planetarium but covers the old antenna which used to receive the balloon signals; now they us e smaller, more modern one.

The Station also measures seismic shocks with magnitude and epicenter – not much going on here but it is so sensitive that it registers heavy lorries driving nearby. Madeira has 2 -3 seismic shocks per year, the Azores have around one per day. The paper rolls written by the seismograph are sent to Lisbon for the archive.

All measurements are automatically sent to Lisbon where the national weather forecasts are drawn up. Lisbon also has access to satellite data. Lisbon then sends a 10-day forecast to the Civil Protection, the Capitanias and the Government for Fisheries and Agriculture, also to “Frente Mar” for the safety on the beaches.

Dra J., one of the meteorologists, joined us then, and we spoke about Feb 2010. U. supplied the data and email received by an American scientist about the incident – this was what they call an atmospheric river storm.

Madeira is supposed to have its own weather radar since long time, now it looks as if we’ll get it in 2016/2017; it will be installed in P. Santo. This would give the Station a better way to identify heavy loads of water arriving in the oncoming clouds.

Dra. J.said that the respective authorities were duly warned (“vermelho”)  but as we know from the Bombeiro visit, these guys knew what was coming from their own weather station in Monte.

Anyway, the warning was given and it would be up to the Civil Protection to amplify the warning to the population, by radio, TV or SMS; this is a political matter. Dra. J. said that, after Feb 2010 we had another atmospheric river hitting the Island, but at that time, Funchal received a lot of rain quickly, while the other half of the water arrived in Pico Areeiro and rained off at a much slower rate. This is why this situation, although also “vermelho”, didn’t cause any harm.

Feb 2010 was a lot of bad luck, and the population as a short memory when it comes to disasters. 


28 Madeira Consórcio meeting minutes (ToBinG) 11.4.2013 (excerpt)

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28 Madeira Consórcio reunião (ToBinG) 11.4.2013

Olá equipe,
como foram apenas alguns de nós, falamos sobre as ideias em andamento, D e U veiam com umas ideias novas, e depois tivemos uma discussão muito animado sobre Coreia do Norte,

As idéias:
U contactou dois contatos para investidores para o projeto de DV.

O carpinteiro E trabalha com N na base para a cesta.

O dossiê do casamento deve, finalmente, ser publicada no novo site http://www.contraditorio.com esta ou na próxima semana.

O DRAC organiza um passeio pela cidade no próximo sábado, 20 de abril, às 10h, a partir de Santa Maria Maior Igreja, terminando no porto. U vai com dois amigos (tinha que registrar com nome, telefone, tamanho do sapato, etc.)

U li um artigo numa revista alemã (Spiegel edição 6/2013) sobre um fenômeno chamado de “Atmosféric River Storm”. Este é um “rio” no céu que carrega uma grande quantidade de humidade para a costa oeste dos continentes. No artigo, os cientistas alertaram para o perigo de uma tempestade de bater Califórnia, que inundaria todo o estado por semanas.
U escreveu ao cientista e perguntou-lhe se tinha uma tal tempestade em 20 de fevereiro de 2010. Ele verificou os registros e confirmou. U enviou a informação ao E e a uma jornalista no Diário. Ela entrará em contato com o Serviço Meterologico Nacional para perguntar-lhes se eles têm os meios para detectar esse fenômeno também. Se assim for, não era só para alertar que uma tempestade se aproxima, mas também que as pessoas devem ficar longe do litoral, os rios, e os parques de estacionamento. As obras que estão sendo feitas nos rios neste momento podem não ser capaz evitar outras fortes inundações.

Então, discutimos (após 20h) Coreia do Norte, o fato de que nós temos que dar informações pessoais até mesmo para comprar um pneu, e outras coisas interessantes.

Atenção: precisamos de mais participantes para este grupo – se você conhece uma pessoa pró-ativa com idéias e vontade de melhorar as coisas, por favor entrar em contato com U


Vitor  iniciou o seu serviço de entrega de produtos, é no Facebook. Após o login, você pode solicitar uma pré-seleção para o conjunto de verduras,entregue nos sábados: https://www.facebook.com/cabaz.horticola (não ha preços na página)

Nossa organização:
Nosso Blog está em https://madeiraconsorcio.com/
Nosso grupo no Facebook está aqui: https://madeiraconsorcio.com/

O grupo Agricultura se reunirã em 18 de abril
O grupo de Turismo e Negócios irá reunir em 25 de abril


28 Madeira Consórcio meeting minutes (ToBinG) 11.4.2013

Hello Team,

as there were only a few of us, we spoke about the ongoing ideas, D and U came up with a few new ones, and then we had a very animated discussion on North Korea and other stuff

The ideas:

U contacted two investors contacts for the DVproject.

The carpenter  is working with N on the base for the basket

The Wedding Dossier should finally be published in the new www.contraditorio.com website this or next week.

The DRAC organizes a city walk next Saturday, April 20, at 10am, starting on the Santa Maria Maior Church, ending by the port. Ursula is going with two friends (had to register with name, tel, shoe size, etc). 

U read an article in a German magazine (SPIEGEL issue 6/2013) about a phenomenon called an “Atmospheric River Storm” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmospheric_river ) . This is a ”river” in the sky that carries a lot of humidity to the west coasts of the continents. In the article, scientists warned of the danger of such a storm hitting California which would flood the entire state for weeks.

U wrote to the scientist and asked him if we had such a storm on Feb. 20, 2010. He checked the records and confirmed it. U sent the info on to E and to a journalist in the Diario. She will contact the National Wether Service and ask them if they have the means to detect this phenomenon as well. If so, they could not only warn that a storm is coming but also that people should stay away from the coastline, the rivers, and the parking garages. The works that are being done in the rivers at this time may not be able prevent another heavy flooding.

Then we discussed (after 8 pm) North Korea, the fact that we have to give personal details for even buying a tyre, and other interesting stuff.

Attention: we need more participating members for this group – if you know if a proactive person with ideas and the will to improve things, please get in touch with U!

Agriculture News

Vitor started his delivery service for produce, it is on Facebook. After logging in, you can order a pre-set selection for Saturdays at https://www.facebook.com/cabaz.horticola (no prices on the page)

Our organisation:

Our Blog is at https://madeiraconsorcio.wordpress.com/

Our Facebook group is here:https://madeiraconsorcio.com/

The Agriculture group with the new members will meet on April 18 

The Tourism & Business group will meet on April 25 


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