Public Petition – Contra a redução no apoio às viagens entre a Madeira e o Continente

Mar 20, 2014 at 10:29 am | Posted in Posts | Leave a comment
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Tomás Freitas has started a Public Petition to stop the state from reducing the subsidy RAM citizens get for the flights to the continent and back. At the moment, the state reimburses 30€ per flight, they plan to reduce this to 21€.

The issue for me is not the reduction in itself but the fact that a Madeiran citizen is using this great new internet tool to get this issue into a hearing by the Portuguese Parliament in Lisbon. Based on art. 52 of the Constitution, it needs only 4000 signatures (on paper or electronic, with B.I. number) to force the Parliament to place the issue on the agenda and discuss it.

A Public Petition can do this! The people’s voice would be heard with only 4000 signatures. Madeira should be able to get together this many signatures, let’s try and see, by signing Tomás’ Petition now:

Please also send this on to your friends and have them sign as well, thank you!


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