Pear harvest, people!

Sep 5, 2012 at 8:51 am | Posted in Posts | 1 Comment
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Part of the team followed Patricia’s and David’s request to help with the pear harvest last weekend  on their farm in Esperdegarda  – great fun!!

We worked about three hours and harvested around 500 kg off some slender, not-too-high trees.

The group was rewarded with a nice lunch, and if we hadn’t torn ourselves away, we’d have stayed forever to taste not only a delicious pear juice but also other  liquid goodies with alcohol.

Afterwards, we visited Regina’s farm for a bit as it is located below Esperdegarda. Regina grows three kinds of sugar cane and a few nice herbs. She produces Basil & Olive oil (or sunflower oil) as basis for Pesto and soups, very tasty!!


This site is also into harvest time:


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