102nd Madeira Consorcio Meeting 10.11. 2018

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We met in Ilheus for our meeting and for a delicious dinner.

The topic was “overpopulation” and we watched two videos:

Alexandra Paul – Overpopulation facts – the problem no one will discuss


Hans Rosling – Why the world population won’t exceed 11 billion


The argument that the world population will level at 11 billion, was not accepted by all members. This may or may not happen.

The west cannot simply export its recipes of preservation or curbing population growth to the third world

Education, especially for girls and women, would be essential. Contraceptives must be provided for people who wish to lower the number of their offspring but only if they can see that the few children they have, can and will survive infancy.

The internet is a driving force behind the curbing of overpopulation because if poor people in third world countries have access to it, they have an incentive to get education to lift themselves up to higher levels of income for shoes, bikes, scooters, washing machines, cars…

But the first world is robbing the third world of resources and health.

The resources may already be depleted too much to avoid big catastrophes.

The fate of Humankind may already be sealed.

Nature – Gaia – is a self-correcting system, it may already be “working” to bring humankind to extinction. Gaia is a huge pond with fish in it – us – and our species can be regulated by several factors.

New diseases are coming up, and aggression between people may lead to war which would decimate the population. Water is an essential, scarce good, which already leads to conflicts between peoples.

What to do:

Religion has to be part of the solution – a handrail for simple folks – , but it has to adapt and may move (back) into the direction of morality and/or spirituality, to support sustainability and other people in need.

The hope rests with younger people who may not want to accept the old ways of exploitation. But they may not be successful with new initiatives because of the blockage of the older generations. Progress moves forward by a series of funerals…

The latest news: plastic nano-particles find their way into water and soil, and enter the human body through food. In the body’s cells, there they may impede the energy production of the mitochondria. Nobody knows what that would mean for your bodies.

Gaia may win this one!

Other info:

G. sent us a interesting, short video about organic farming in India, integrating the community.

The website is here:


They have TULSI teas:


U showed her calligraphy  Hana (from Japan) is giving classes in the “Armazem do Mercado” behind the market, on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11.20 – 13h (10€, including material). She also does origami, and she is pondering to give Japanese language lessons.


An ingenious, simple system to determine and find addresses worldwide via the words in an app:

https://what3words.com/ the world is sliced into  3 m2 spaces, every one with a unique “name.”

An example: Rua do Aljube 61  has “prefer.hamster.spirit”-  no joke…




101st Madeira Consorcio Meeting 15.9. 2018

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D. presented a TED Talk by the co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute:

Amory Lovins was worried (and writing) about energy long before global warming was making the front — or even back — page of newspapers. Since studying at Harvard and Oxford in the 1960s, he’s written dozens of books, and initiated ambitious projects — cofounding the influential, environment-focused Rocky Mountain Institute; prototyping the ultra-efficient Hypercar – to focus the world’s attention on alternative approaches to energy and transportation.”

This Institute stands for a positive approach, pointing to initiatives already underway by private enterprise and driven by the markets, to wean humanity off coal and oil by 2050. This will happen, whether the American President likes it or not.

The link:


U. mentioned a TED talk by a Comedian who said that cartoons are a great way of communication serious issues in a humorous manner. Cartoons may, for example, open up the mind of non-believers of global warming, so that they can be receptive to the fact that global warming really exists.

The link:


Other points:

Japanese calligraphy class for beginners

Saturday 15th of September, 11h30 – 13h

Thursday 20th of September, 12h30 – 14h

RESTOCK Gallery in Armazem do Mercado
Price: 10 euros, material included
Age: Adults and youth (13 years and older)
Inscription :restockfunchal@gmail.com



The Buddhist Centre is now having Cinema on each first Friday of the month:

O CBM vai dar início a um ciclo de cinema chamado ‘Ver, Refletir e Discutir’.

É uma ocasião para ver filmes e documentários alternativos.

Haverá também ocasião para um chá e bolachas.

Local: Sede do CBM, Rua das Mercês 26 no 2º andar.

Hora: 19h

Entrada: 2 Budas

Para as primeiras três sessões está programado o seguinte:

28 de Setembro: “Kundun” de Martin Scorsese. Duração 2h 10min

5 de Outubro: “Human Vol.I” de Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Duração 1h 24min

2 de Novembro: “O pequeno Buda” de Bernardo Bertolucci. Duração 2h 20min

Pretendemos fazer uma projecção todas as primeiras sextas de cada mês, o dia 28 de Setembro é uma excepção.

São todos muito bem-vindos!

C.A.S.A. (https://casa-apoioaosemabrigo.org/index.php/delegacoes/casa-madeira) is looking for (permanent) volunteers for the evening food handout (every 14 days, they need people for Mondays and Fridays), the contact is Silvia, 91 0365816, madeira@casa-apoioaosemabrigo.org . You can also ask U., she is on a Monday team.


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