121 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 25.9.2021

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We watched this talk:


This is quite a whopper, and the first 15 minutes were difficult, because the talk explains why populations go into mass psychoses. (The last 5 minutes are more optimistic.)

The talk explains how a population is being led by fear and manipulation to defer to the “elite” who rules over them. Social media as well as the Yellow Press support these changes. A new Hitler, in form of someone like Trump, may always creep up.

Such governing by the ruling class exploits the fact that we are social animals and need social structures. The Church and religions are structures. We are lucky to live in Europe where social structures still work.

Countries such as China rule by fear, whereas India, also a big country, is a democracy. Japan was seen as a threat to Europe decades ago, they are off the list now. It is not possible for Europe to ignore China; they are trying to take over power in Europe by economic means. It comes down to the way in which we are attentive.

Most of the European countries are ok, but Poland and Hungary are drifting toward totalitarianism.

We used to have three TV channels, now we have hundreds, plus the internet to manipulate the people.

Younger Tourists are coming now, they are the “me generation” and have a

worse attitude to the community. ”Thank you” is often not in their vocabulary (Our YouTubers have a better record.) So if we want to educate them, we can do it by saying “thank you”, then they might perceive that something is wrong in their behaviour.

Abbreviations in the communication via Smartphone result in the fact that the youngsters don’t know how to talk in whole sentences anymore. They lose the art of communication. Young people want to be seen in this system, so they try to show off only their best side, while they are emptier inside than before.

But there is hope: in the old movies, people were drinking alcohol, smoking inside, and sexist attitudes towards women were the norm. All these attitudes are now out, and society keeps evolving.

Still, children should have the right to grow up for a few years without social media and smartphones (https://eliant.eu/en/news/newsletter-archive/how-can-europe-be-of-value-to-our-children-and-grand-children)  

The Talk ended on the tune that not being afraid is a good defence against totalitarianism, as well as ridicule and laughter. (Trump still has this coming to him). Parallel societies within such a dominated society can keep up individualism and reduce fear-based attitudes.

Following rules: The group thinks that things are good in Madeira and that it doesn’t hurt to keep the restrictions on the island longer because if the upcoming flower & wine festival.

Other stuff:

The “Mamma” Museum by Rui Sá is open www.mamma.museum.com  (5€ entrance for Residents), it’s small, a bit overloaded but interesting. There are goods from Quinta Pedagogica in the Museum shop on sale.


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