103rd Madeira Consorcio Meeting 12.1.2019

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We met in U’s place to watch two videos on the Moral Limits of Markets:

Michael Sandel, philosophy professor from the US:


Sandel spoke about cash incentives for children to read books, a contested issue.

He also made the point that nowadays, people of affluence and smaller means do not mix anymore like they used to (like in a football stadium) because people of affluence can and do buy services which allows them to separate themselves from the simple folks.

TEDsters are asking to counterbalance this development: People should actively and deliberately meet with people of other opinions and levels to speak to each other. Citizens should demand accountability from their politicians in regular Q & A sessions. The politicians who do not shy away from this, are doing well in public opinion (Angela Merkel does this on a regular basis, live on TV.

The definition of “community” is changing from the village type community to the internet community. Much of this does not look like a community at all because it isolates people from each other, but some communities are working well, such as Wikipedia.

Michael Sandel made another great video about this topic with students from all over the world on the same topic; we didn’t watch it because the audio is not great, but here is the link:


We also watched a TED talk by Kate Raworth, she makes the point that economies should thrive but not grow anymore:


We are overshooting the resources of this planet and still not saving everyone from poverty but we could avoid it. New technologies need to be applied to regulate this. Will this take place???

Other info:

Bio-Magnetism: U. is tired of talking about it, let’s do it!

U. gave out some magnet pairs to the couples in attendance, to combat bacteria, viruses etc. with a simple application of the magnets (clad in leather) for 20 minutes on the troubled spot, eg. on an ear infection or a tooth nerve.

The magnets balance the PH and kill the offending bacteria so this is good to treat local small inflammation

For prevention, is also great, e.g. to keep the sinuses clean.

If you have bigger health problems, it’s always best to consult one of the therapists. Here in Madeira, we have several therapists who offer the treatment .(U has the contacts)




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