94 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 13.1.2018

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Hello Team,

We visited P’s Esperdegada Farm in Tabua and it was a great success!

D & P (who were also Consorcio members in former times when we had an agricultural group) bought the farm in the Parque Natural (many rules, and permissions to obtain for everything) in 2006. Since then, they have restored the building for habitation in the rural style, largely eliminated the fruit trees and their levadas and planted lavender (which needs little water) of various origins. They are now selling high-quality lavender oil and honey. Pelargonium also grows there very well, it yields another high quality oil. They also have – a rarity on Madeira – four Macadamia nut trees.

D. gave us a tour (with amazing “before & after” photos) and showed us the improvements, including one of Rod’s (also a former member) compost toilets. Some of the group took a tour on the grounds (the land is spread over 16 levels!). Then we had a nice lunch with congenial discussions in the sunshine.

Sadly, most of us forgot to buy avocados and other fruits before going home!

S.sent us a link about home biogas:


Our next meeting will be on February 10  to watch a video which will round up our recent discussions about consciousness

For March, we’ll have an intro by A. about Acupuncture and the situation – fight for survival, really – of alternative treatments which are under constant threats by the Medical-Industrial Complex in Europe.



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