86 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 11.2.2107

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U told the Team about the old OE project, this is a system which can turn feteira and other organic waste together with household rubbish, into diesel.The company, lead by a Swiss engineer/owner, has won the tender by the Funchal City Hall, and after some resistance by the old Valor Ambiente Team, the project can go ahead.

The Bread Project:

E has been approached by a third person to meet with a big baking company in Madeira, to discuss having/producing/selling his gluten-free bread in these outlets. E will take the meeting and see what they want and offer. (He may take another group member into the meeting.)

The group feels it would not be a good idea to give away his knowledge and starter to other outfits or even bake there (cameras?); we think that they may steal his knowledge. The group suggested to him to have the starter and maybe the combination of original wheat /sourdough/starter etc. patented in Portugal, maybe also in the US, then nobody can get the know-how.
E is also in touch with M in regards to maybe baking  for hotel consumption, as well as more bread for sale in other outlets. He will bring a few samples to the hotel to see how this is received by the clientele and by the management.

C. said that there is a “Sourdough Bank” in Belgium where E could deposit his starter, also as a protection of the “copyright”

Escola de S.

We discussed the stalled project – Mau. left the school, and R.  is not a pro-active person to have as contact for our support.

The Team will be available to the school if they come back to us in the future, but we may want to find another alternative education project if/when something comes up, in the area of Waldorf or Montessori. In past projects, which did not come to pass, the missing of money was usually the problem. We shall keep our eyes open!


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