85 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 19.11.2016

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Home, dear Home

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Home, dear Home” offers many services, tailored to the needs of a wide range of clients. The basic is the tidying up of a closet or a pantry. Mar. already did this for friends and their acquaintances. The effect may be that the family, upon seeing how this is done, is encouraged to start on other closet or rooms themselves. Even the kids who watch such an action get the idea on how to sort things and live in a better place.

Mar. always goes to the potential client’s place first to get the scope of the work and then she makes an offer. Clients may opt to have part of the work done later to be able to stretch the payment. Mar. will be able to tell them what items they need to buy before she comes to do the job, or she measures the drawers etc and buy the items needed herself for a small fee. Follow up visits are part of the offer, to see if the clients get along well with the new order or if something needs to be changed.

Mar. sees her work as an investment of her client: as a house becomes more orderly, the quality of life for the whole family improves. Less time is needed to search for items, and this can lower the stress level of a whole family.

The effect cleaning up, getting rid of excess stuff and cleaning up is that the exterior of the space will reflect the interior of the person. Clients also become more aware of what they like and what they don’t like, what they can let go. New things, items and issues can enter the life when old stuff gets discarded. Mar. sees her role as an enabler for clients to help themselves; she doesn’t want them to become dependent on her.





Mar. will give a lecture on Jan 21st and a workshop in April in the Pestana Casino Park Hotel under the auspices of the Academia Nova Era.  S

The Bread Project:

E.encountered a Japanese film maker who might be willing to make a film about his production.

Escola de Sem.

There are changes in the structure; MA is leaving the team. U.will contact R. V.to see whom we can talk with, to offer our help, but it is obvious that the Escola needs some time to regroup and come back to us.

Other stuff:

Members of the Team had the opportunity to meet with our former members D & P from the Farm in Tabua. They are doing well, they are planting more lavender  and they have added beehives to the farm. The honey they receive is quite good, D.says. We shall hear more and hopefully get to buy some honey soon.


U is asking the Team to contact her if anybody hears of a print publication on Madeira coming online. A company wants to have print ads for the clientele (age 65 +, not internet savvy) who prefer print publications for news.

There will be no meeting in December; we’ll meet instead in Jan. for a New Years Dinner.



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