67 Meeting minutes – Madeira Consorcio Meeting Feb 12, 2015

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We decided on who would be moderator, A. would be for the time being.  We discussed what the group wanted from the moderator:

  • E.: The moderator should be someone who has the basic interest of the group in mind, to be able to steer conversations/meeting like a boat.
  • Others: That everyone should get to speak, keep track of the conversations and intervene should someone speak too much or too little
  • Some basic rules were established:
    • Turn off mobile phones
    • Punctuality
    • The meetings would typically run from 6,30pm to 8.00pm


Structure of meetings

  • To send suggestions of the topics for the next meeting beforehand for consideration
  • Some meetings would be focused around listening and learning from other people (e.g. like at fire station)
  • Sometime near the beginning to discuss feedback form the previous meeting


Previous meeting at Fire station

U. gave a brief recap on the previous meeting, saying the fellow responded honestly and transparently to a wide range of questions; from E.´s experience at Monte to the politicised nature under which the service has been under (but improving e.g. 3 members under disciplinary orders for voicing their opinions).

Book “My Ishmael” and “The Story of B” by Daniel Quinn

U. and E. shared their insights from a book they both read; A gorilla learns to speak and essentially reflects back to the girl, with whom he is in conversation with, on the nature of society.  Amongst what is no doubt a complex issue a few points arose:


    • Humans forget their history/ancestry
    • Society is divided into taker and leaver societies.  Taker societies exploit the world and leaver societies (e.g. Armish) allow for regeneration and long term existence
    • Taker societies absorb leaver societies, something which many youngsters feel disillusioned about and find difficulty in rationalising, as well as being deeply disturbing.
    • The focus is on how we educate our children and how we interact in our relations.  The example of the gorilla asking the girl “what is your story?” is really a foundation for us bridging our differences and sharing what is pertinent amongst ourselves.
    • C. mentioned a book she had read about hunter/gatherers and how they lived within their limits.


Ri. – purpose

Ri. reflected back to the group the notion of talking a lot but not getting anywhere.  As an exercise he suggested questioning “What is my purpose?”  This could be a personal question for each of us to discuss (or not) as well as being perhaps a question for the wider purpose of the group.

  • Ri. will talk about his experience, on purpose, in the next meeting.
  • D. likes listening and learning from others and enjoys exploring ideas in the free discussion that these meetings have,
  • E. feels it is quite nice not to have to define everything.

Next meeting on Thursday, March 12.

  • Ri.´s talk
  • The surgeon as well.

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