130 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 24.9.2022

Hello Team,

we met in the Gallery again, with a small group, and had a nice discussion about Stillness, a topic which does not offer much potential for dissent.

We saw

The speaker is a travel writer. He is well established and has a good life, and from the start, had a privileged upbringing. Other people are not so well off in the start, therefore they might not have an opportunity to go this way.

We agreed that youngsters have no access to stillness in youth, they have to establish themselves, build a career, maybe start a family and deal with complex social media pressure. They have to conform and belong to these groups, in order to fit in. People in our age, can afford to step back and get out if the rat race. People who do not adhere to social media, have a more quiet life which leaves space for a pause for stillness and self-reflection.

Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest, teaches his priests stillness and he says that in the second half of life, as of around 37 years, adults can step back and get into stillness. The Speaker mentioned Leonard Cohen as an example of a person in stillness – he was a Buddhist priest but never shed Judaism – but his portrait in the talk was not quite accurate.


It seems Leonard Cohen and his music had a big impact on many of his fans.

As before said, the topic of Stillness creates no adversity!

Other stuff:

We should have the next meeting in October, Ursula is trying to organize an excursion.

If you have a topic of interest, please let me know!


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