90  Madeira Consorcio Meeting 22.7.2017

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We started our new format of discussions between ourselves; as stated before, these may be topics one wouldn’t discuss at a dinner table. This time we spoke about Karma and what it means to us. U.provided some texts to read before the start of the discussion (we all agreed that, if sent with the invitation or reminder, we probably wouldn’t read them beforehand…)

Here are the links to the texts provided:




Some comments from the group:

“We need suffering to evolve.”

“Karma is a toolkit to improve our existence, What we do with it is our decision.”

“Some things are meant to be.”

“Being happy is complex – simplify your life.”

“Karma is malleable/flexible – you work on it.”

There are some cool  Karma icons here:


U’s front runner:

“I saw that. – Karma”

Another favourite:

“Keep calm and let Karma finish it.”



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